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Outrageous Monte Carlo auction includes horseback riding with Madonna in Portugal and more

I have been a longtime supporter of organizations that help our environment and have been so impressed with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and their continued efforts to support initiatives around the world in favor of a sustainable ocean. This year the foundation will hold its second Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, in the heart of Monte Carlo and will feature some of the most amazing live auction items ever offered.

The event held at the Terraces of the Opera of Monte Carlo this month will include live performances by Gloria Gaynor, Nile Rodgers, and Chic. It is chaired by a huge list of celebrities including; Madonna, Li Bing Bing, Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, Robert Davi, Andy Garcia, Goldie Hawn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Olga Kurylenko, Eva Longoria, Diane Lane, Kelly Slater, Robin Thicke and Chris Tucker.

The Gala is hosted by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Global Fundraising Chairman Milutin Gatsby, Olivier Wenden is Executive Director of the Foundation, and the live auction is conducted by Simon de Pury.

Prince Albert tells me, "Donations received at the first edition of our Gala have enabled us to support 40 new projects and international initiatives devoted to safeguarding endangered species, studying the impacts of climate change on the oceans, the sustainable management of Marine Protected Areas and the fight against plastic pollution." Milutin Gatsby adds, “Generosity is the key to our future on this planet and to saving our ocean. Special auction items that “money can’t buy” give guests the possibility to afford unique dream experiences and other high-end pieces and to offer, at the same time, a generous support to a great cause.”

This year's Gala will be dedicated to the Foundation’s eight priority actions including; fighting against plastic pollution, developing the Mediterranean Trust Fund for Marine Protected Areas, conserving marine species facing a risk of extinction, expanding marine protected areas in the Polar Regions, mitigating ocean’s acidification, supporting innovations to challenge marine threats, favoring sustainable yachting practices and promoting environmental education.

Here is an exclusive first look at my favorite live auction items up for the highest bid:

Horseback Riding With Madonna On The Beach In Portugal

Madonna recently moved to Portugal and as part of this priceless opportunity invites the winning bidder to join her in Portugal for an afternoon of riding horses through the forest and the beach. The winning bidder and up to five guests will join the superstar for one of her favorite past times. You will spend an afternoon exploring the natural scenery on horseback with Madonna as your guide.

Portrait Sitting With Famed Photographer Steven Klein While Art Directed By Madonna

A truly unique and extraordinary opportunity to sit for a portrait by this legendary photographer in New York and to have the bragging rights of your photo shoot directed by Madonna herself!

Private Album Preview With Madonna In Her Recording Studio In London

Madonna’s next album will be coming out soon, and before its release, she invites the winning bidder and up to three guests to join her in her London recording studio to preview some of the songs from the album with her.

Read more about the live auctions here.

Eyeshadow: Desperately Seeking Susan + Sheila and the Kit

Eerst naar de film, daarna een live optreden: Eyeshadow combineert elke maand een klassieker van toen met de bandjes van nu. Popster Madonna zingt ‘Into the Groove’ in deze komedie over een New Yorkse yuppiehuisvrouw die gefascineerd raakt door contactadvertenties. De synthpop van Sheila and the Kit bouwt voort op de eighties met girly vocals en beweeglijke drumpatronen, gemaakt om de hele nacht op te dansen.

Datum: zaterdag 22 september 2018
Tijd: 21.30 uur
Locatie: Eye Film Museum, IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT Amsterdam

Roberta Glass (Rosanna Arquette), echtgenote van een goed verdienende zakenman, verveelt zich. Om de tijd te doden stort ze zich op de annonces in The Times, waarin een man wanhopig op zoek is naar ene Susan (Madonna). Elk bericht begint met 'Desperately Seeking Susan', Roberta besluit de volgende ontmoeting bij te wonen, met komische misverstanden tot gevolg.

Het vlotte scenario geeft een treffend beeld van New Yorkse mode-, muziek- en kunstwereld; de film geldt onderhand als icoon van de eighties, dat tijdperk van big hair, coke-aangedreven synthesizers en hoekige dans.

Edgy en energiek

Sheila and the Kit maakt naar eigen zeggen ‘schaamteloze pop’ en combineert girly vocals met motorische synths en drums. Het resultaat is een edgy, energiek geluid, gemaakt om de hele nacht op te dansen. De band laat geen misverstand bestaan over zijn bedoelingen. ‘Aangezien we een prima jeugd hebben gehad, schrijven we niet over ellende en mislukkingen, maar over de dingen die ons bezig hielden. Verliefdheid, ongemak, kleding, boeken, hobby’s, skaten, en 7-UP.’

Stan Smith X Stella McCartney launch (17 september 2018)

She is a pop icon who recently rang in her landmark 60th birthday.

And Madonna proved why she's as much a style guru as she is a music icon, as she made a glamorous appearance at the Stan Smith X Stella McCartney party during London Fashion Week.

The Vogue hitmaker showcased her radiant and line-free visage as she posed up a storm at the event on Monday, exuding punk chic in her dark ensemble.

Stan-Smith-X-Stella-McCartney-launch-3 Stan-Smith-X-Stella-McCartney-launch-2 Stan-Smith-X-Stella-McCartney-launch-1

Madonna looked chic as she paired an Adidas shirt, which had lace sleeves, with a pair of frayed black denim jeans.

Offsetting her ensemble with white trainers from the sports brand, the singer added a glittering touch to her look with an array of gold jewellery.

The Material Girl songstress kept things low-key by wearing a pair of statement sunglasses indoors, while wearing light touches of make-up and styling her blonde locks into loose curls.

Stella McCartney cut an elegant figure in a blue one-shouldered midi-dress, which had a ruched design to accentuate her trim waist.

She completed her look with a pair of white shoes from her new range, while otherwise keeping her accessories to a minimum.

Her blonde tresses sat in loose waves, and were styled with a middle parting so that her hair framed her face well.

Ellie Goulding opted for casual chic as she stepped out in a simple white T-shirt which she tucked into black trousers that had a racer stripe across the sides.

Wearing a matching blazer draped across her shoulders, the blonde beauty accessorised with a simple clutch bag.

Her golden tresses were pulled into a loose ponytail, and she kept her look natural as she wore light touches of make-up to highlight her pretty features.

Madonna's trip to the UK comes just days after she lavished attention on her son David Banda by throwing him a very extravagant 13th birthday party.

The Malawi-born teen, who was adopted by Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie, was decked out in head-to-toe Gucci for his bash, which hummed with music ostensibly from Africa.

In a video she posted to Instagram, Madonna shimmied and twirled with fellow revelers on a spread of colorful rugs that had been set up as a sort of dance floor.

She also uploaded a snap of David with his three younger adopted sisters - five-year-old Stella and Estere and 12-year-old Mercy James - and a couple of party guests.

Madonna also has daughter Lourdes, 21, with ex Carlos Leon, and son Rocco, 18, from her marriage to Guy.


Madonna net worth: ‘Queen of Pop’ turns 60 – but how much is she worth? Staggering fortune

MADONNA, 60, is a world famous music artist who has remained in the spotlight since the early Eighties. She has also acted in several films and is a international businesswoman. But what is her net worth?

Madonna, who turns 60 on Thursday, is a world-renowned music artist, actress and businesswoman. But how much is her net worth?

To celebrate ahead of the special day, the American superstar posted two pictures of her eating birthday cake on Instagram.

The post was captioned: “3 more Days...........Let us all Eat C A K E!!#birthday #cake #fun #celebrate#blessed.”

Born Madonna Louise Ciccone, Madonna has been active in the public eye since 1982 when she released her debut single, Everybody.

The talented artist was found to be the best-selling female recording artist of all times according to Guinness World Records after selling 300 million records.

She has achieved a number of other accolades, including topping the VH1 countdown of 100 Greatest Woman in Music.

She has also been recognised by the Rock and Roll Hall of Frame, putting her in league with the likes of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Songs such as Vogue, Like A Virgin, Material Girl and Like A Prayer – with its scandalous music video featuring Catholic symbols – cemented Madonna’s lasting fame in the Eighties and Nineties.

More recently, Madonna’s songs Music, Hung Up and 4 Minutes – which features vocals by Justin Timberlake – have proved lasting hits.

But what is her net worth? Just last month, Madonna’s net worth was reported to be $590 million (£464 million), according to Forbes magazine.

Madonna’s fortune is not just made up from her music career. She also has serious acting credentials.

Madonna has acted in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), A League Of Their Own (1992) and Evita (1996).

In recent years, she has also turned her hand to business. She is the owner of an expansive art collection which includes pieces by Picasso. She also has an interest in Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal.

How does Madonna’s fortune compare with fellow global music superstar Ed Sheeran’s net worth?

Ed Sheeran, 27, is due to finish his sell-out third tour, having been touring the world since March 2017.

He is one of the UK’s most successful artists, with his debut album “+” going seven-times platinum, and a further two successful albums following it.

Beginning his career at a young age playing guitar and songwriting, he released his first EP album when he was just 14.

He is now one of the most famous, and financially secure, artists in the world.

But with countless platinum singles, music awards and sell-out concerts, how much is he actually worth?

According to, Ed Sheeran is worth a huge £65 million.


‘Bigger than any man she ever encountered’: the under-appreciated genius of Madonna

When people say they want Madonna to age gracefully, what they really mean is: shut up. But celebrate her work, rather than her survival

As we celebrate Madonna turning 60 this week, let us remember that this is a woman who has no interest in nostalgia. In a recent interview with Vogue Italia, she said she would talk only about the present, which, to me, is the key aspect of who Madonna is: resolutely forward-driving. This is why she is so able to manage to a global, decade-spanning career.

When she collected her woman of the year prize at Billboard’s Women in Music awards in 2016, she said she stood before the crowd “as a doormat”. “Thank you for acknowledging my ability to continue my career for 34 years in the face of blatant sexism and misogyny and constant bullying and relentless abuse.” This is genuine, rightful anger and ferocity. The level of ageism and sexism directed at her is femicidal, even matricidal, visceral loathing. When people say they want Madonna to age gracefully, what they really mean is: become beige, shut up and go into a corner. And she refuses to do that. Instead, she continues to produce brilliant, captivating and thought-provoking work.

We so often do not let women take credit for their own genius. Madonna has resisted that, mainly because she always overshadows the men with whom she chooses to collaborate. Nobody ever says Mirwais or Timbaland or Stuart Price made Madonna. Only Madonna could have made Madonna. But this is also from where the misogyny stems. She is bigger than any man she has ever encountered, professionally or personally. And people hate that.

She has outlived her contemporaries: Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince were the triumvirate of 80s stars. She has outlasted them artistically, too. Her 2015 album Rebel Heart was excellent. Her quality of work has never dropped. Many artists Madonna’s age, particularly male artists, are doing victory tours: people such as Bruce Springsteen. Madonna, instead, is not creating to prove a point about how long she can keep doing so.

It is impossible to talk about Madonna without talking about power. She is an athlete. I once read an interview where her trainer said she is so strong that he has to invent new exercises for her because she can’t feel exercises for mere mortals. Her muscularity is not about appearance; it is an indication of her mental strength and resilience. She is indestructible. But she has survived so long not just because of her talent, and not just because of her physical and mental strength. It is also that she is intelligent, professional and always engaged – she has seen the world, brought up children, worked in multiple fields. She is mentally alive and this is what keeps her searching, moving and creating.

So let us not reward Madonna for continuing to survive; let us appreciate her as an incredibly talented artist: a musician, songwriter, a dancer and a performer, a brilliant film-maker (W.E. is a beautiful, intelligent piece of feminist cinema). She sees herself as a creative artist, and we owe her the respect of seeing her that way, too.

Hot 100 Turns 60! The Top 60 Female Artists of All-Time, From Madonna to Mariah Carey & More

As we celebrate the Billboard Hot 100's 60th anniversary, Billboard looks at the top-performing solo female artists in the chart's history, dating to its Aug. 4, 1958, inception.

With 57 Hot 100 entries and 12 No. 1s, Madonna rules as the chart's all-time top female artist. The pop icon also lands seven songs in the Hot 100 all-time top 600 songs recap, led by her first No. 1, "Like a Virgin," which spent six weeks atop the Hot 100 beginning on Dec. 22, 1984. Madonna holds the record for the most Hot 100 top 10s among all acts: 38.

Mariah Carey ranks at No. 2, powered by her 18 Hot 100 No. 1s, the most among soloists, as well as the most cumulative weeks at No. 1 (79) among all acts.

Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Rihanna, the lattermost having landed 14 Hot 100 No. 1s (dating to her 2005 debut), the third-best sum in the chart's history, round out the top five.

Further in the top 10 are two other artists whose chart careers began in the 2000s: Taylor Swift (No. 8) and Katy Perry (No. 9).

Here's a look at the top-performing solo female artists over the Hot 100's first 60 years.

0. Juice Newton

59. Carole King

58. Stevie Nicks

57. Amy Grant

56. Missy Elliott

55. Faith Hill

54. Chaka Khan

53. Jody Watley

52. Avril Lavigne

51. Pat Benatar

50. Anne Murray

49. Ashanti

48. Bette Midler

47. Aaliyah

46. Natalie Cole

45. Fergie

44. Petula Clark

43. Miley Cyrus

42. Brandy

41. Carly Simon

40. Sheena Easton

39. Debbie Gibson

38. Kesha

37. Tina Turner

36. Mary J. Blige

35. Taylor Dayne

34. Roberta Flack

33. Nicki Minaj

32. Cyndi Lauper

31. Helen Reddy

31. Monica

30. Christina Aguilera

29. Jennifer Lopez

28. Adele

27. Toni Braxton

26. Britney Spears

25. Celine Dion

24. Linda Ronstadt

23. Kelly Clarkson

22. Alicia Keys

21. Paula Abdul

20. Dionne Warwick

19. Lady Gaga

18. Gloria Estefan

17. P!nk

16. Cher

15. Barbra Streisand

14. Brenda Lee

13. Beyoncé

12. Connie Francis

11. Donna Summer

10. Diana Ross

9. Katy Perry


8. Taylor Swift


7. Aretha Franklin

6. Olivia Newton-John

5. Rihanna

4. Whitney Houston

3. Janet Jackson

2. Mariah Carey

1. Madonna


The Top 60 Female Artists of All-Time on the Billboard Hot 100 ranking is based on weekly performance on the Hot 100 from its Aug. 4, 1958, inception through July 21, 2018. All songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with cumulative weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at lower spots earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates over various periods. Artists are then ranked based on a formula blending performance, as outlined above, of all their Hot 100 chart entries.

"Madonna brengt nieuw album eind dit jaar uit"

Madonna brengt aan het einde van dit jaar een nieuw album uit. Dat onthult de 59-jarige 'Queen of Pop' in de Italiaanse Vogue.

Madonna siert de cover van het modeblad in aanloop naar haar zestigste verjaardag op 16 augustus.

In het artikel praat ze over haar leven als voetbalmoeder in de Portugese stad Lissabon, waar haar twaalfjarige zoon David Banda speelt voor Benfica. De zangeres zegt in Portugal geïnspireerd te zijn geraakt door lokale muziek.

"Ik heb een heleboel fantastische muzikanten ontmoet en ik heb met een heleboel van hen samengewerkt voor mijn nieuwe album. Lissabon heeft mijn muziek en werk dus beïnvloed. Het kan ook niet anders. Ik zie niet in hoe ik het jaar zou kunnen doorkomen zonder beïnvloed te worden door al deze culturele input."

Fans van Madonna wachten al sinds mei op nieuws over haar veertiende studioalbum. Toen kondigde ze namelijk via Instagram aan binnenkort met nieuwe muziek te komen.

Het is al een tijd geleden dat ze een plaat heeft gemaakt. Haar laatste album, Rebel Heart, dateert van 2015.

Eerder dit jaar gaf ze al een voorproefje van het nummer Beautiful Game.

Madonna wil geld voor zestigste verjaardag

Madonna blaast op 16 augustus zestig kaarsjes uit en heeft alvast wereldkundig gemaakt wat ze graag wil voor haar verjaardag: geld.

Niet voor zichzelf, maar voor kansarme kinderen in Malawi. De Queen of Pop heeft een speciale inzamelingsactie voor haar liefdadigheidsinstelling Raising Malawi in het leven geroepen.

"Ik heb een sterk verlangen om kwetsbare kinderen een liefdevol gezin te bieden", legt Madonna uit op haar Facebookpagina. Ze wil haar fans, haar "wereldwijde familie", graag verbinden met het "prachtige land" Malawi "en de kinderen die onze hulp het meest nodig hebben". "Ik kan geen mooier cadeau bedenken."

Sinds maandag kan tot eind augustus gedoneerd worden via Facebook. Honderd procent van het geschonken geld gaat naar het Home Of Hope-weeshuis, dat kinderen opvangt op het platteland van Malawi.

"Elke dollar die wordt ingezameld gaat rechtstreeks naar maaltijden, scholing, kleding en gezondheidszorg", belooft Madonna, die vier kinderen uit Malawi adopteerde en al jarenlang geld ophaalt voor het Afrikaanse land. "Ik wil samen met mijn vrienden, fans en supporters het leven van Malawische kinderen veranderen. Ik wil ze laten weten dat er van ze wordt gehouden, dat ze worden gekoesterd en dat ze worden beschermd."

Breaking: Madonna confirms her upcoming album will be released in 2018

In the brand-new cover story for Vogue Italia — titled “Just one day out of life,” naturally — it’s confirmed that Madonna, the Queen of Pop, will be releasing new music before the end of 2018. We don’t know much about this new Madonna album, though we do know it was inspired and is an ‘answer’ to the time she’s recently spent in Portugal.

Madonna, who turns 60 years old on Aug. 16, tells Vogue Italia, “Let’s clarify one thing, this interview for Vogue Italia — including the images that accompany it — is about my life in Lisbon, about the year in which I lived there. So it does not make much sense to talk about anything else, right?” (Note that it’s likely that quote went from English into Italian, then back into English.)

She reportedly spent a year in Portugal with four of her six children, and this new Madonna album is inspired by “the landscapes and sounds of Lisbon,” one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

As Vogue Italia says of the new Madonna album, “new musical pieces were born, which will be collected in an album that will be released by the end of the year.”

We also know that for this 14th studio album, which will see release 36 years after her debut single “Everybody” back in 1982, she’s rumored to be working with producer Mirwais, who also worked on her Music and American Life albums. Based on what Madonna herself has said on Instagram, she’s no longer interested in on-cohesive albums with multiple producers.

In February, after Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary posted an old MTV News clip and proclaimed her 1998 album Ray of Light as “one of the greatest albums of all time” (also the first record he worked on with her), she fired back in the Insta comments, “Remember when I made records with other artists from beginning to end and I was allowed to be a visionary and not have to go to songwriting camps where no one can sit still for more than 15 minutes…”

We can only guess this as-yet-untitled new Madonna album features one producer from beginning to end — or at least very few producers — and that Mirwais is one of the bigger names involved.

The August 2018 cover story contains photos taken by Mert & Marcus, with an interview by Xerxes Cook. Vogue Italia says it “wanted to celebrate the most successful musician of all time.”

Back in June Hornet spoke with legendary dance music DJ Junior Vasquez, who discussed whether he felt he and Madonna could truly patch up their relationship to make music magic one more time.

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