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Madonna gives surprise New Year’s eve performance at Stonewall Inn (Watch)

People expected something a week ago when Stonewall Inn — the bar in New York’s Greenwich Village where the riots that kicked off the modern LGBTQ movement took place in 1969 — announced that Madonna had been named an ambassador for the 50th anniversary celebrations. However, they may not have expected it quite so soon. On New Year’s Eve, word leaked out that Madonna would be making an appearance, and not long after midnight, she did, giving a speech and then performing two songs accompanied by David Banda (her adopted 13-year-old son) on acoustic guitar.

Wearing black jeans, a black shirt, a black leather jacket with glittering chains and a shiny bow in her hair, Madonna took the tiny stage saying, “I just wanna say I’ve never performed on a stage this small!” The enraptured crowd cheered wildly, obscuring some of her words.

“You survived 2018? Are you happy to say ‘Goodbye bitch’?,” she laughed before saying, “I do have some serious things to say.” She donned a pair of horn-rimmed glasses — “2019 is the year I start wearing glasses,” she joked — and read from cards emblazoned with rainbow colors on the back.

“I stand here proudly at the place where pride began, the legendary Stonewall Inn, on the birth of a new year. We come together tonight to celebrate 50 years of revolution.”

She then spoke of the community’s efforts against “hatred, discrimination and most of all indifference. Let’s never forget the Stonewall Riots and those who stood up and said, ‘Enough.’ Half a century later, Stonewall has become a defining moment and a critical point in history.

“If you can’t imagine how happy I am to return home to New York City, where dreams are born and forged out of fire and brought to life, where I am proud to say that my journey as an artist began, and my commitment to equality for all people took root,” she continued.

“If we truly took the time to get to know one another we would find that we all bleed the same color and we all need to love and be loved,” she concluded. “Let’s remember who and what we are fighting for — ourselves, for each other, but truly and most importantly, what are we fighting for?” she asked rhetorically. “Let’s take a minute to reflect on how we can bring more love and peace into 2019, let’s look at how we can bring random acts of kindness. Maybe we can find an opening to bring the light in. Are you ready to do that?”

The crowd roared.

She continued to speak and joke and laugh with the crowd before leading them in a singalong of her own “Like a Prayer” — accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, her own voice was completely drowned out by the crowd — and then after more joking, she led them into another singalong, this one of Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Watch most of the performance on MadonnasTattoos Instagram video.

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Madonna in de Q-top 1000

Deze week wordt op Qmusic weer de jaarlijkse 'Q-top 1000' uitgezonden. Madonna staat dit jaar 4x in de lijst.

2018 2017 Titel
174 226 Like A Prayer
323 392 Frozen
505 707 Papa Don't Preach
937 930 La Isla Bonita

De Q-top 1000 is samengesteld door de luisteraars van de radiozender en wordt uitgezonden t/m vrijdag 23 november 2018.



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Met Gala, 7 mei 2018

Zoals bijna gebruikelijk is, was Madonna aanwezig op het jaarlijkse Met Gala. Dit jaar was het thema 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'.

Niet alleen was Madonna te gast maar heeft ze ook een optreden geven van drie nummers! Madonna zong 'Like A Prayer', 'Hallelujah' en een nog onbekend nieuw nummer. Niemand minder dan Jean Paul Gaultier is de ontwerper van Madonna's spectaculaire outfit.

20180507-met-gala-028 20180507-met-gala-027 20180507-met-gala-026 20180507-met-gala-025 20180507-met-gala-024 20180507-met-gala-023 20180507-met-gala-022 20180507-met-gala-021 20180507-met-gala-020 20180507-met-gala-019 20180507-met-gala-018 20180507-met-gala-017 20180507-met-gala-016 20180507-met-gala-015 20180507-met-gala-014 20180507-met-gala-013 20180507-met-gala-012 20180507-met-gala-011 20180507-met-gala-010 20180507-met-gala-009 20180507-met-gala-008 20180507-met-gala-007 20180507-met-gala-006 20180507-met-gala-005 20180507-met-gala-004 20180507-met-gala-003 20180507-met-gala-002 20180507-met-gala-001

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Madonna and Prince duet ‘Love Song’ regains traction

In 1989, Madonna released Like a Prayer, a game-changing album in her career that first brought her critical respect, despite being the No. 1 musical act in the world for the previous five years. In 1989, Rolling Stone said it was Madonna’s best album to date.

With Like a Prayer, Madonna doesn’t just ask to be taken seriously, she insists on it. Daring in its lyrics, ambitious in its sonics, this is far and away the most self-consciously serious album she’s made…Like a Prayer is proof not only that Madonna should be taken seriously as an artist but that hers is one of the most compelling voices of the Eighties. And if you have trouble accepting that, maybe it’s time for a little image adjustment of your own.

One of the songs on the album was a duet with Prince called “Love Song,” which has resurged after the death of Prince less than two weeks ago. Billboard wrote about the duet in a headlining article this weekend.

Prince and the Queen of Pop recorded ‘Love Song‘ for Madonna’s Like a Prayer album (which was ruling the Billboard 200 on this date in 1989). Despite its blinding starpower, the collab was never released as a single. And, considering the strength of Like a Prayer, it’s hard to say that ‘Love Song’ should’ve been one.

Columnist Gary Trust believes Madonna and Prince’s duet was driven more by its funky groove than a pure pop hook and noted the song took a back seat to Like a Prayer‘s five hit singles: “Like a Prayer,” “Express Yourself, ” “Cherish,” “Oh Father,” and “Keep it Together.”

“We were friends and talked about working together, so I went to Minneapolis to write some stuff with him, but the only thing I really dug was ‘Love Song.’ We ended up writing it long-distance, because I had to be in L.A. and he couldn’t leave Minneapolis, and quite frankly I couldn’t stand Minneapolis,” Yahoo Music quotes Madonna as saying in regards to the duet.

It appears that Madonna couldn’t deal with the extremely cold weather in Minneapolis. She has never talked about other songs she did with Prince, although he does play the guitar introduction on “Like a Prayer.” Commenters on the Billboard article about “Love Song” understand why it was never released as a single.

“I love it, but it was probably too experimental to work well as a single,” says Ian Renner.

“It’s a great song but not single worth especially from an album that Rolling Stone put it: ‘As close to art as pop can get,'” claims EA.

There has been a resurgence of interest about “Love Song” on Twitter.

Madonna and Prince’s friendship subsided after Prince ran into contract issues with Warner Bros. Records, a company Madonna remained highly successful with. However, they rekindled their friendship and, according to Yahoo News, Prince even played a private concert for Madonna at his Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis last October. Fans certainly would have loved to have been flies on the wall during that show. Would you like to see Madonna and Prince’s “Love Song” released as a single 27 years after it was recorded? Let us know in the comments section.

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Through the Years: Madonna’s "Like a Prayer" at 25

"Like a Virgin" may be Madonna's most iconic hit, but "Like a Prayer," which turns 25 today, is by all accounts her most broadly beloved contribution to the pop-music canon, landing at #7 on our list of the Best Singles of the 1980s. Even the singer's most ardent critics can't help but bow at the altar of the song, a gospel-infused conflation of spiritual and sexual ecstasy that helped transform Madge from '80s pop tart to bona fide icon. To celebrate this sacred anniversary, we're taking a look back at the song's evolution over the last quarter century.

Pepsi Commercial: Following a teaser that aired during the 31st Annual Grammy Awards in January of 1989, Madonna premiered "Like a Prayer" in a Pepsi commercial during The Cosby Show, the #1 rated series on U.S. television at the time. Part of a $5 million sponsorship deal with the soft-drink company, the ad, titled "Make a Wish," was an innocuous bit of nostalgia that would soon be eclipsed by the scandal surrounding the single's forthcoming music video.

Music Video: Madonna dances in front of burning crosses and kisses a black saint in a church pew in this modern morality tale about racial profiling and pious guilt, prompting both the religious right and cultural critics, like bell hooks, to cry foul. Eventually, the mounting outrage caused Pepsi to pull out of their multi-million dollar deal with the Queen of Pop. The singer's response was coyly defiant.

Blond Ambition Tour: Madonna's first live incarnation of "Like a Prayer" was also her best. Sure, her voice was raw and unrefined ("Life is a misstaree, eve'one mus stan alone," she heaves), but her 1990 tour performances of the song displayed a rapturous, almost possessed quality that she's never been able to recapture.

Mad'House Cover: Dutch Eurotrash group Mad'House's claim to fame is their blasphemous take on "Like a Prayer" from 2002. The glorified Madonna cover band's version is stripped of the original's nuance and soul, a tacky, mechanical shell of a dance track. Regrettably, this is the version you're most likely to hear on Top 40 radio today. (Only slightly less heretical, the cast of Glee's rendition of the song peaked at #27 in 2010.)

MTV On Stage & On the Record: Then notorious for forsaking her older material, Madonna dusted off "Like a Prayer" in 2003 during the promotion of her album American Life. Thirteen years after her last live performance of the song, even Madonna's comparatively reedier voice and noticeably more limited range couldn't diminish its enduring magic.

Sticky & Sweet Tour: After performing crowd-pleasing but relatively anemic versions of "Like a Prayer" during her Re-Invention Tour in 2004 and Live 8 in 2005, Madonna reinvented the song for her Sticky & Sweet Tour in 2008, using elements of Mack's "Feels Like Home" for an amped-up techno mash-up.

The Super Bowl: Madonna closed her record-breaking Super Bowl XLVI halftime show in 2012 with "Like a Prayer," and though she wasn't singing live, it was the closest she's ever gotten to her ecstatic Blond Ambition performances. (For those lamenting the lip-synching, she would go on to reprise this version of the song, completely live, during her MDNA Tour later that year.) And if there were any doubt, a stadium of nearly 70,000 football fans waving flashlights and singing along is a testament to the song's transcendent, all-encompassing appeal. The performance's final message of "World Peace" seemed attainable, if only for a brief moment.

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'Like A Prayer grootste Madonna-hit'

Voor de luisteraars van Radio 10 Gold is Like A Prayer de grootste Madonna-hit aller tijden. Het radiostation staat op Madonna Maandag helemaal in het teken van de Queen of Pop.

Via de website van Radio 10 konden luisteraars stemmen op hun favoriete nummer. Op de tweede plaats eindigde Papa Don't Preach, op drie staat Frozen. De finale van de ranglijst is maandag te horen tussen 17.00 en 18.00 uur in het radioprogramma van Edwin Ouwehand.

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Interview met Drieelle

Een  nieuw onderdeel op MadonnaNed: MadonnaNed Xtra! Hierin komen in de loop van de tijd artikelen te staan die zijdelings met Madonna te maken hebben. We beginnen gelijk goed en hebben een kort maar leuk interview gehad met Drieellle!

Zoals de meesten van jullie wel zullen weten is Drieelle de Nederlandse Madonna Sound & Look-A-Like. Onlangs ging een grote droom in vervulling van Drieelle: een "eigen" single opnemen en nog wel een geweldige dance-cover van Madonna's "Like A Prayer". Dit deed ze niet alleen maar met de bekende DJ Meck! Wil je weten hoe dit allemaal tot stand is gekomen? Klik dan hier (of in het menu MadonnaNed, MadonnaNed Xtra) om ons gesprek met de Nederlandse Queen Of Pop te lezen!
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Preview van tv-serie 'Glee'

Glee is een Amerikaanse, komische en muzikale televisieserie uit 2009 van Fox. Het verhaal draait om een groep jongeren die, onder leiding van hun leerkracht, een koor beginnen op hun school, de fictieve William McKinley High School in Lima (Ohio). Centraal staan de gebreken van elk van hen en hoe ze moeten opboksen tegen de vooroordelen van hun medestudenten en enkele leerkrachten

Er wordt in de reeks veel gebruik gemaakt van (bekende) muziek, die wordt gezongen door de hoofdrolspelers. Dit is meteen ook een van de succesfactoren van de reeks.
De (meeste) liedjes worden ook aangeboden op iTunes en zijn tevens een commercieel succes: het nummer "Don't stop believin'" uit de eerste aflevering verkocht zo goed dat het hoog in de Amerikaanse en Australische charts terechtkwam. De meeste liedjes zijn ook verkrijgbaar op CD. Ondertussen zijn er al 2 albums verschenen met liedjes uit de reeks.

Op 13 april aanstaande start in Amerika een nieuw seizoen van de serie en zal er een aflevering komen die in het teken staat van Madonna! Er zullen in de aflevering 10 liedjes van haar gebruikt worden: 'Borderline', 'Open Your Heart', 'Burning Up', '4 Minutes', 'Crazy For You', 'Like A Virgin', 'Like A Prayer', 'What It Feels Like For A Girl', 'Vogue' en 'Express Yourself'. Hieronder zie je een preview van deze aflevering.

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Akoestische versie Like a Prayer

Madonna zal vannacht tijdens "Hope for Haïti Now" een speciale akoestische versie van Like A Prayer ten gehore brengen!

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