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Bestel het boek 'Madonna, Het icoon - vernieuwde editie'

Op 14 juni 2018 verschijnt er een vernieuwde editie van het boek 'Madonna, het icoon'.

In deze herziene, diepgravende biografie wordt het geheim ontrafeld van Madonna, die al 35 jaar de grootste vrouwelijke popster ter wereld is. Madonna, de uitdagende hedendaagse versie van een eeuwenoud icoon, de artieste die zichzelf steeds opnieuw uitvindt: the Queen of Pop.

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De afgelopen tien jaar heeft Madonna niet stilgezeten. Ze trad op met de Russische band Pussy Riot, produceerde twee films, bracht twee bestsellende albums uit (MDNA en Rebel Hear) en verzorgde drie wereldtournees die alle records braken.

Deze heruitgave biedt een complete update van haar vernieuwende werk sinds 2008, met nieuwe interviews over haar leven en werk, extra kleurenfoto's, bibliografie, discografie en een register.

Lucy O'Brien is een Engelse muziekjournalist. Haar biografie Madonna, het idool verscheen in veertien talen en werd alom geprezen.

"Niet alleen goed geschreven, maar ook objectief, vlekkeloos onderbouwd en verhelderend.' Irish Examiner

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Madonna Encylopedia 'by a fan, for fans' gets 20th-anniversary update

Stumped on what to get the Madonna fan in your life for the holidays? How about the 581-page, 4-pound Madonna bible Encyclopedia Madonnica? The massive tome was written by Madonna expert Matthew Rettenmund and covers everything in Madonna’s world from A (the first entry is Abdul, Paula) through Z (zits -- yes, really).

Initially published in 1995, the unauthorized book has been thoroughly revised and updated to include even the most recent events in Madonna’s life (like her current Rebel Heart Tour). It’s also full of memorabilia and color photos that Rettenmund has been collecting for decades. The book is available via Barnes & Noble for $65 or via Rettenmund’s website for $60.

The encyclopedia was inspired by a similar book about Marilyn Monroe called The Unabridged Marilyn: Her Life From A to Z, released in 1988. Rettenmund thought, “You know, Madonna is deserving of that same kind of treatment. That everything-including-the-kitchen-sink treatment that you can't really get in biographies. In straight biographies, there's so much stuff that's left out.”

He says “part of it was done seriously as an act of devotion … by a fan, for fans. And part of it also is kind of tongue-in-cheek, because just the fact that it exists is kind of ridiculous. Like, a Madonna encyclopedia?”

The new book was funded via a Kickstarter campaign that generated more than $30,000. The project also includes numerous interviews with a range of people who have been in Madonna’s orbit, including Desperately Seeking Susan publicist Reid Rosefelt, journalist John Norris and Madonna’s former stylist Maripol. (Full disclosure: The writer of this story contributed to the Kickstarter campaign and is also interviewed in the book.)

While Rettenmund has not heard directly from Madonna’s camp about her thoughts on the book, her representatives have been friendly with him since the first edition was published. (So much so, her publicity team was able to get Madonna to sign the cover of the first edition for Rettenmund. He jokes that he’s “not expecting any lawsuits.”)

“She strikes me as a person who would be very skeptical of any book written about her,” Rettenmund says when asked what Madonna would say if she flipped through the new edition’s pages. “If she gave it a chance and really looked through it, I think she would see the affection seeping from every page.”

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Madonna’s Sex remains the most wanted out of print book

Books are often forgotten in the digital revolution.

Yet the demand remains and many out-of-print books have become collectors’ items and very valuable.

What are the most sought-after out-of-print books? has released its latest list. Pop singer Madonna’s revered coffee table book Sex, published by Warner Books in 1992, tops the list as it has done since 2011.

The book, which was packaged in aluminium and is spiral bound and enclosed in a Mylar sheet, was an instant commercial success, selling over 150,000 copies on its first day of release and topping the New York Times’ Best Seller list.

It was released — in five continents and in five languages — the day after Madonna’s Erotica album in a blaze of controversy with the Vatican calling for Catholics to boycott it and Japan banned it from sale shortly after its release.

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Madonna: Fifty Shades is niet sexy

Madonna is niet te spreken over Fifty Shades of Grey. De popster noemt het immens populaire boek in een interview met Billboard 'pulp fiction'. "Het is niet erg sexy. Misschien voor iemand die nog nooit seks heeft gehad."

"Ik wachtte maar tot er iets opwindends en geks zou gebeuren in de rode kamer of zoiets en dacht, dat is veel billenkoek'", vervolgt de zangeres. Ook vindt ze de roman, die nu op het witte doek te zien is, onrealistisch: "Want er is geen enkele kerel die een meisje zo vaak verwent."

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Damiani Publishers announces worldwide launch of 'Madonna NYC83' by renowned photographer Richard Corman

Damiani Publishers has announced that Madonna NYC83, the new book by Richard Corman that captures Madonna's extraordinary early years, is set to be released worldwide. The stunning photographic book will be available in major bookstores and retail outlets as well as online at and

The 96-page book captures New York City in the early 1980s, a time of prolific interactions among the worlds of music, fashion and art. This economically fragile period gave rise to an edgy restlessness in the city, spawning adventurous new styles and music from up-and-coming artists. Madonna represented this sensibility like no-one else. As this book makes clear, from the start she was determined to define a look for herself, and to carve out a space in the public imagination.

"As a young photographer in 1983, I had the opportunity to capture a series of images with Madonna as she was on the verge of releasing her debut album," said Richard Corman. "The rebellious energy of the East Village was the backdrop to showcase Madonna's style, spontaneity and pioneering attitude. She consistently conveyed an attitude of fearlessness and fierce determination."

In conjunction with the U.S. book launch, Milk Gallery in New York City is hosting a special exhibition featuring images from Madonna NYC83. The exhibition is free and open to the public from Nov. 15 – Dec. 15. For information, visit

Madonna NYC83 will retail for ($49.95 – £34). Limited edition books with a special signed print by Richard Corman are also available on

Richard Corman

As a portrait photographer, Richard Corman has worked with subjects ranging from Nobel Peace Prize recipients (Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel) to actors (Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep), athletes (Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali) and musicians (Sting, Whitney Houston). Humbling experiences with non-profit organizations are reflected in Corman's work. Most notable is heart-felt work with the Special Olympics over the last 20 years. A native New Yorker, Corman studied at Hunter College, later spending two years apprenticing with Richard Avedon.

Damiani Publishers

Based in Bologna, Italy, Damiani Publishers has a long-held tradition of publishing the highest quality books on leading figures and trends from the worlds of art, photography, fashion, architecture, design, reportage, pop culture, collecting and sports. Visit for more information.

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Author Andrew Sean Greer on Time-Travel, Madonna, and His Novel "The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells"

A new book by Andrew Sean Greer is a major event, and The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells is as innovative as the rest of the local author's impressive oeuvre. I had the pleasure to sit down with Greer before his reading at The Booksmith last week and we talked about everything from what makes a self and the roles of literature to Madonna and a recent phone call that might result in a film.

Greer's first novel, The Paths of Minor Planets, is a gorgeously rendered tale whose plot is connected to the orbit of a comet. His second novel, The Confessions of Max Tivoli, follows a man who is born with a child's mind in an old man's body and ages in reverse. Of that book, which won a California Book Award and is considered "a moment in literature," John Updike said: "This narrative feat had been attempted before, by Scott Fitzgerald and Gabriel Brownstein, but never at such length or with such loving ingenuity." (In fact, his review in The New Yorker is worth a read.) Greer's third novel, The Story of A Marriage, takes a close look at "how we can ever truly know another person" through a lens of love and war in 1950s San Francisco. The book, not without criticism, solidified Greer's standing as a major contemporary author doing important work (inspired and lyrical are often words used to describe his writing).

In The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, we are again dealing with a unique treatment of time: Severely depressed after losing her brother to AIDS and separating from her longtime lover, Greta undergoes shock treatment and is transported to bygone eras and the lives she would have lived there. Only, everyone in her life comes with her. "I wanted to make time travel without paradoxes of any kind; I didn't want it to be about visiting another time, I wanted it to be about living in another time," Greer says. "An entire life in another time period; that's what interested me."

Set in 1985, 1918, and 1941, the book presents us with the impact a different set of circumstances might have on the development of a person. In 1918, for instance, Greta's gay brother is not only alive but married.
"One of the main concerns of the book is what makes a self. Are those three different people? Are they the same person? Well, when you look at your own life and you look at yourself a month ago when you got super drunk and swam across the Bay or whatever: Was that you? Or are there different people that would sort of gather together and make a personality?"

Greer points out that those looking for detailed treatment of the time periods will be disappointed.

"There's a couple people who have critiqued the book, and have wondered why Greta wasn't more of an activist trying to change things because she knows the future, and it was very interesting to me because I thought: But we know the future. I mean we know the ice is melting; there'll be no more fish in 40 years," he says. "We know the future. We're running out of oil. Like, it's not hard to figure out; you can be a denier of it, you can do nothing, but... we do as little as possible, mostly. Most of us -- I do. And what I mostly do is I try to take care of the people I love. And so I wrote a book where that's what she does. It was interesting, though, the fantasy that if you went back in time you would battle against things."

Others have asked Greer why Greta doesn't use her knowledge of the future to make a fortune, which we both kind of marveled at: I'm not trying to make a fortune now, I mused, so why would I do that in the past?

When asked what he's taken personally from this meditation, Greer gets a bit somber. "I don't put my life on the line to change the world at the moment," he says. "Honestly, that's why I think at other times I would not be... I would not change the world. It's sad to realize that."

I reassure him that he is changing the world, of course. "Through literature," he says. "One hopes that one seeds the beliefs of a generation... or something like that, right? And that you create the frame and the words for the discussion about something." He mentions that he recently befriended an Egyptian feminist revolutionary who often gets jailed for her activism. "Like, she came to my reading to support me. And I'm thinking, what am I going to do to support Egyptian democracy?"

I reply that I got most of my desire to change the world by reading books; it is they that gave me my first taste of universal concern when I was disappointed by the shortcomings I found in the world around me. Greer's response to this is interesting:

"I think the poets do the hard work of coming up with new stuff and new ways to talk about things, which, as we were saying, is a way to power: a new way to use language. And novelists read poets. Novelists write the novel. They make it into a movie. It gets into the popular culture, and suddenly everyone thinks about things in a new way. Maybe that's a terrible way to think about the power of language, but eventually it changes the culture. And it's not Hollywood that makes up that stuff. It's the poets. It's like Anne Carson came up with a new way to think about things. And it's making its way into the culture."

I ask about the movie for The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells and discover that Madonna hopes to produce the film. If you've read any of Greer's books you know his prose is a sort of fantastic container for the lofty, and if you've ever doubted Madonna's taste here's your chance to come correct.

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Nieuw boek Jean Paul Gaultier met exclusieve foto's

jean-gaultier-boekOp 1 november a.s. brengt mode-guru Jean Paul Gaultier een nieuw (foto)boek uit met de titel "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk". Het boek wordt uitgebracht naar aanleiding van zijn tentoonstelling met dezelfde naam.

Het boek bevat diverse exlusieve foto's van Madonna die zijn gemaakt tijdens de kleding passessies van haar 'Blond Ambition Tour'.

Klik hier om het boek alvast te bestellen via

Leden van Madonna's officiële fanclub ICON kunnen met hun inlog al enkele foto's bekijken.
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Winnaars boek 'No More Heroes' van Kees Tabak

no-more-heroesDe winnaars van de prijsvraag 'Win 1 van de 3 Kees Tabak boeken' zijn bekend! Het zijn:

- Gino Vissers (GiCaMivia001)
- Wendy Gardien (wendy)
- Patrick Verhoeven (patdik)

Van harte gefeliciteerd!

Dit waren de vragen + de antwoorden:

1. Op enkele foto's van deze shoot staat Madonna afgebeeld met 2 achtergronddansers. 1 van deze 2 is tevens een familielid van Madonna. Wat is zijn naam? Christopher Ciccone
2. Kees Tabak begon zijn carrière bij een bekend en gerenommeerd muziektijdschrift. Wat is de titel van dit blad? OOR
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Win 1 van de 3 Kees Tabak boeken!

no-more-heroesMorgen - dinsdag 23 november - verschijnt het schitterende fotoboek van Kees Tabak 'No More Heroes'. Zoals we al eerder melden staat niemand minder dan Madonna op de cover! Kees maakte deze foto's in 1983 net voordat de Queen of Pop zou doorbreken!

In samenwerking met Dutch Media Uitgevers mogen wij 3 boeken weggeven onder onze leden. Wil je kans maken op 1 van deze boeken beantwoord dan deze 2 vragen:

1. Op enkele foto's van deze shoot staat Madonna afgebeeld met 2 achtergronddansers. 1 van deze 2 is tevens een familielid van Madonna. Wat is zijn naam?
2. Kees Tabak begon zijn carrière bij een bekend en gerenommeerd muziektijdschrift. Wat is de titel van dit blad?

Stuur je 2 antwoorden (inclusief je naam, adresgegevens én nickname) naar Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. Vermeld als onderwerp 'No More Heroes'. Je kunt je mailtje t/m zondag 28 november inzenden. Heel veel succes!!!
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