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Madonna aanwezig bij concert Chris Rock

Madonna en haar manager Guy Oseary hebben Chris Rock opgezocht tijdens zijn 'Total Blackout Tour' in Madison Square Garden, New York. Bekijk onderstaand enkele foto's.

Madonna Chris Rock 1

Madonna Chris Rock 2

Madonna Chris Rock 3

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Guy Oseary's herinneringen aan Prince

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary reageert ook op het overlijden van Prince. Guy en Prince waren vrienden en hebben samengewerkt, er was zelfs sprake van een gezamenlijke wereldtournee van Madonna en Prince. Helaas is dit er nooit van gekomen. Lees onderstaand de herinneringen aan Prince die Guy op zijn Instagram account deelde:

"I met Prince when I was 12 years old. I asked for his autograph. He wrote "Love God"... My walls were covered with prince posters.. I lived in a two bedroom apartment with my dad and you could see my Prince posters from the street.. Many many years later I connected back with Prince.. And we have remained friends.. I called him a few years back with the idea of @Madonna and Prince going on tour together. I pitched it to Madonna and within a second she said "I like it, we can call it the Royalty Tour... The Queen and The Prince".... I love the way she thinks... When I told Prince the idea he said: "the world isn't ready for this, it's too big".. I always felt like one day I would pull it off.. @Madonna performed in #stpaul last year and Prince was generous enough to host us and perform for us after that show at his home #paisleypark .. He didn't go on stage until 3am, and per usual the show performance was mindblowing.. He joined me this last New Years in St Bart's and performed for my friends party at what will now be the last time I saw him.. It's the one and only time I was able to actually work with him directly.. I won't forget that electrifying performance.. Or the smile on his face that night.. And the love that he gave me.. He always treated me with kindness.. We didn't always agree.. We would argue for hours... But he understood that I respected him dearly and cared for him.. I tried my best to help him on record business matters.. And even in his passing I'm here to help.. I would have done anything I could and wish I achieved more for him on his very clear issues.. The man had the strongest of opinions on contracts and on artists rights.. This photo was taken summer of 1999.. Yes.. "1999".. You can see from the photo that I'm focused on one thing... Prince!!.. I have the original lyrics to "purple rain" on my wall and I was always too embarrassed to tell him.. Maybe he would think I was crazy for paying so much years back for those lyrics or maybe he would just take it off my wall and say "thank you, I was looking for this".. Who would stop him?.. Not me.. Today not only will doves cry, we all cry.. You will be missed.. I love you.. Rest in peace.."

Instagram Guy

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The inside story of how Madonna turned her 'Rebel Heart' leak into a global hit

On Dec. 16, Madonna was in her New York apartment when she received word that more than a dozen unfinished demos for her forthcoming album had leaked. Her manager, Guy Oseary, was just returning to his Beverly Hills estate when he got the news. The album, Rebel Heart, was set for a late-April release, and thanks to a meticulous marketing plan and an inspired group of collaborators (including Diplo, Kanye West and Avicii), buzz was strong on the singer's 13th studio full-length.

But now, all bets were off. Madonna shot off a fiery post on her Instagram account lambasting the leak as "artistic rape," Oseary got on the phone, and both sprung into action. "I don't recall that phone coming off my ear from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m.," he says.

High-profile leaks and other security breaches have been a scourge of the entertainment industry for the past 15 years: from Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2001 and Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III in 2007 to Madonna's own "Give Me All Your Luvin'" in 2011 -- which resulted in an unidentified fan's arrest in Spain, although he was later released -- not to mention the hacker group Anonymous' threats to rapper Iggy Azalea in 2014's final weeks. But this Madonna leak was unusually severe, including images and videos as well as music. However, the singer and her team's quick response may have set a new precedent for how the industry can mobilize in an effort to combat them.

On the morning of Dec. 17, Steve Berman, vice chairman of Madonna's label distributor Interscope, was on the phone with her and Oseary. "She was in a very angry, upset, emotional place," Berman recalls. He had visited her in New York the week prior to hear some of the album's first finished songs with label president/CEO John Janick. "She told me, 'Steve, I care about my music. I can't have the songs being heard the wrong way.' "

Berman was confident that Apple's iTunes could be engaged to turn around an official release of finished Rebel Heart tracks on a dime, even though the digital retailer's servers would effectively shut down for the year on Dec. 19, just two days later. But he faced two major hurdles: pushback from the upper rafters at Universal Music Group ("Should we just wait and do it all at the top of the year?" was the response from one executive) and the availability of iTunes vp content Robert Kondrk, who was already on vacation with his family in Mexico.

During the next 48 hours, Kondrk was able to help Apple greenlight a Rebel Heart preorder that would include six instant-gratification songs for download by midnight ET on Dec. 20 -- including "Living for Love," the set's first single, which was initially intended for a Valentine's Day release (and will now be promoted to radio on Feb. 10). However, Madonna had to make sure the six songs were in finished form, so she holed up in her New York studio working on the final mixes into the wee hours of the morning of Dec. 18. "There was no time to call any of the producers -- nothing," says Oseary. "Just her final mastering sessions."

The result of Rebel Heart's 48-hour turnaround? The album preorder topped the iTunes charts in more than 40 countries -- including the United States, where three of the six released tracks entered Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart dated Jan. 3, despite just two days of eligibility. To date, the six tracks have sold a combined 131,000 downloads, according to Nielsen Music, with preorders for Rebel Heart at a robust (considering the situation) 50,000 to 60,000, according to industry estimates. "We know that in today's world, having a top 10 album with no promotion is really hard," Oseary says. "It's pretty... exciting isn't the right word, but it's rewarding to see it so well-received."

Still, Madonna's work is far from over. There's still at least one more preview track from Rebel Heart on its way before the album's March 10 release (likely due Feb. 8, the night of the Grammy Awards, Oseary says), and an official video for "Living for Love," to be filmed in late January. Plus, there's an ongoing investigation into the source of the leaks (another 14 tracks hit the Internet on Dec. 24), which, given their volume, seem too far-reaching to emanate from a usual suspect like a studio staffer or a backing musician. Neither Oseary nor a UMG representative would confirm that the investigation has resulted in a police report. Oseary's only comment on the matter was, "We are working really hard to solve this crime."

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Twitter Q&A met Madonna's manager Guy Oseary

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary heeft een Q&A gedaan op Twitter. Natuurlijk waren er veel vragen over het album 'Rebel Heart' en de eerste single 'Living For Love'. Hieronder lees je de vragen van fans en de antwoorden van Guy.

Q: Is there really going to be 19 tracks on the album?
A: yes. 19 tracks on the album

Q: March release?
A: the plan was to release the album late in April. Them with the leaks we decided for early march.

Q: When can we expect the next video? LOVE the album!!!!!!
A: thank you. “Living for Love” video has not been shot yet. The single was supposed to come out valentines day week..

Q: when is the first music video released
A: hope to have “Living for Love” video released for first week of February.

Q: Will Madonna be doing any UK promo
A: yes. U.K. promo will happen. We had a plan for it. Now we need to put together a new plan.

Q: which song is your favorite?
A: currently ‪#‎Ghosttown‬

Q: what will be the first video?
A: first video will be for “Living for Love”

Q: will u actually promote this album?
A: yes. This album will have promotion..

Q: what about the demo song two steps behind me? it is for lady gaga?
A: that song is NOT about gaga or anyone in particular.

Q: what about the demo song two steps behind me? it is for lady gaga?
A: the song is an unfinished demo she had no intention of finishing or releasing along with many others..

Q: Hi Guy, I’m a bit tardy… Is there hope that you’ll find the person who stole the demos?
A: we are working hard to solve this crime.. @madonna feels extremely violated to have her unfinished work stolen and released

Q: is there a 2015 tour in your plans?
A: a lot of tour questions from everyone. I don’t have anything to report regarding tour…….. Yet.

Q: has the second single been chosen yet?
A: second single has not been chosen

Q: We Want “Mtv Unplugged” with Madonna, anota aí
A: I would like that too. Maybe one day.

Q: will there be 19 songs or tracks that are interludes??
A: 19 full songs.

Q: does @Madonna know her real fans aren’t behind the leaks
A: she’s knows.

Q: are you proud of M?
A: I’m very proud of her. I’m loving the music. I listened to #Ghosttown all day today. Last week was all about ‪#‎DevilPray‬

Q: You’re online and aware of all those leaks, and nothing has been done yet, I know many websites and forums where liks spread
A: doing what we can Oscar. This was a crime and we are dealing with it

Q: Is Madonna ready to use more Twitter???
A: she’s an Instagram gal… But she will definitely talk to her fans here in the new year to answer many of your questions directly

Q: When will you start promoting the sigle? @guyoseary
A: in the new year. But we don’t have anything immediately planned. The leaks happened last Tuesday. We are rushing now.

Q: Madonna will direct a new movie next year?
A: no directing movie next year… 2015 = All #RebelHeart

Q: Madonna still hates Gaga?
A: She has NO ill will towards gaga. It’s nonsense She was listening to the Tony Bennett duet album last week and appreciating it

Q: Are you living for love, Guy?
A: yes I am.

Q: She was extremely upset with the leaks, but please tell me that she smiled when she saw the number one
A: she was happy about number 1 album on itunes global but unfortunately leaks of stolen music did not allow her to enjoy it..

Q: Are you going to re-launch the album?
A: yes. We must launch in the new year. This wasn’t really a launch. We did our best under the circumstances. Thank you @Interscope

Q: I just want to express my sympathy to you & @Madonna. As I read your replies to this Q&A It’s really a bit heart breaking. ‪#‎Leaks‬
A: thank you

Q: we want another ‪#‎AskMadonna‬ Make this happen please
A: yes. That would be great in the new year.

Q: Guy when will we get LFL video??
A: February

Q: a lot of fans would love to have printed lyrics on the album booklet again, is that a possibility?
A: ok. Will work on it

Q: The album is already completely finished?
A: almost finished. Needs a little more work in the new year. Almost done

Q: does madonna hate us little monsters? I’m a madonna and GAGA fan
A: it’s great that you support both artists. Why shouldn’t you?

Q: Would love to see Madonna & Britney work together again?
A: yes. They are friends. It’s been a long time since they collaborated. It would be great ‪#‎maverickfamily‬

Q: Has a director(s) for the ‪#‎livingforlove‬ video been selected yet & who is it??
A: a director has been selected.

Q: Everyone I know loves to death Ghosttown including myself. Why is this not a single? In a movie soundtrack?
A: We didn’t know we were releasing any music until last week. #Ghosttown and the rest were to wait until late April..

Q: Will @aliciakeys appear on the next video playing the piano?
A: unfortunately not, she’s having a baby. @aliciakeys lights up any place she appears. Love her ! ‪#‎wearehere‬ #maverickfamily

Q: THANKS for being so kind with us!
A: thank you.

Q: can you help put an end to Madonna fans always sending hate towards Gaga pls x8
A: and you do the same with gaga fans. Everyone should support one another. “Music, makes the people, come together”…

Q: I just want to thank her for posting so much fan artwork! I had the pleasure of having my drawing posted and am beyond grateful!
A: which one did you do? I love all the artwork the fans are doing. Really beautiful.

Q: does Madonna like Lana Del Rey?
A: yes she does.

Q: how was madonna reaction about all her songs leaking?
A: she was and still is devastated over the stolen unfinished music… We rushed released 6 songs.. We were not prepared.

Q: as is the relationship of Madonna with Katy? they already thought about doing music together? :l
A: that would be great. Nothing yet.

Q: Do you have any idea how many singles/videos will be released?
A: not sure how many. I’d love to see a video for #Ghosttown but nothing has been decided other than #livingforlove

Q: Madonna is number 4 on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart
A: yes. Really amazing with no set up. We are VERY grateful. With no video no radio no promo it will go down… Relaunch in 2015.

Q: madonna and miley still friends? there may be some collaboration between the two?
A: they are close friends. And support one another. #maverickfamily

Q: Why was Rebel heart choosen like a Album’s name?????
A: initially it was considered to be adouble album - half rebel half heart

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Madonna's 'devastating' album leak: Guy Oseary on the 'Circus Show' of getting 'Rebel Heart' to fans

Longtime manager Guy Oseary spoke to Billboard just days after successfully launching Madonna's new album... four-and-a-half months ahead of schedule.

Madonna's surprise pre-release of six songs from her upcoming album Rebel Heart on Dec. 20 was a hard-fought victory: the result of two sleepless nights to combat the widespread leaks of more than a dozen unfinished demos just three days prior. And it almost didn't happen.

"We didn't know until Friday night [December 19], 11:30 [Eastern] and 8:30 [Pacific] that it would even work," Guy Oseary, Madonna's longtime manager, said in a phone interview on Dec. 23. "There was a chance that technically it was not possible because it was so last-minute. Normally it wouldn't be the end of the world, but because iTunes was shutting down [for the holiday] we were told that it would either go live at 11:30 East Coast time or January 5. We didn't know -- she was saying her prayers, we were all just hoping."

The result? Pre-orders for the March 10, 2015 album topped the iTunes charts in more than 36 countries, with three of the album's six finished songs entering this week's Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. Lead single "Living For Love" was serviced to U.S. radio stations on Dec. 22 by Madonna's label Interscope, with a bigger push coming in January. An official music video will be filmed next month as well, with a planned release for the "first week of February," as Oseary revealed in a separate Twitter Q&A on Dec. 27.

But Madonna & co. aren't coming up for air just yet. Just hours after Oseary spoke with Billboard on Dec. 23, 14 more tracks from the Rebel Heart sessions leaked, including the alleged Lady Gaga diss track "Two Steps Behind Me" (which Oseary has already denied is about Gaga or "anyone in particular").

Below is an excerpt of Billboard's conversation with Oseary last Tuesday (Dec. 23), including a detailed account of how Madonna and her team sprang into action to respond to the leaks. "If people knew what had to happen from Wednesday to get it it up for Friday, it was a circus show."

It's been six days since the leaks started spreading. Have you slept yet?

Last night I got some sleep. This ride was crazy. And what a crazy year. It's been big.

So what happened, exactly?

I mean look, our music was stolen. And now it's an ongoing investigation, so we're taking it very, very seriously. Two songs came out a few weeks ago, and we were able to contain it. We did what we could to contain it. It's hard to contain a leak online. And then it was Tuesday, last Tuesday -- it feels like a year ago -- but it was last Tuesday when I started seeing messages going a lot of the songs are leaking. [We were] trying to pull down as many leaks as we could, and then it got to Wednesday morning it was just unstoppable. It was all out there. You could not seal this leak. So, Madonna was pretty adamant that we should go immediately, that we should put out as much of the finished music as we could. And there was a lot of talk about the many reasons why it didn't make sense – there was just a lot of chatter of having to hurry and all of the many, many reasons why it made no sense. But she was adamant that she didn't want people to think those were the finished tracks. And she was devastated -- I mean, devastated and sickened that someone would do this to her and not allow her the chance to share the finished product with people.

We were thinking about going with "Living For Love," as you saw, as a Valentine's Day song, and the album at the end of April. We're talking all of April, so that's four-and-a-half months early. You always hear about one week early, two weeks early... but this is crazy. So, [Interscope vice chairman] Steve Berman was really helpful, and he also knew all the many reasons why it may not make sense to do it. But he supported Madonna to do it and rallied all the troops together to pull this off. And then Robert Kondrk at Apple really helped us push this through.

When did you know you were good to go with the iTunes upload?

We didn't know until Friday night, 11:30 her time and 8:30 my time, that it would even work. There was a chance that technically it was not possible because it was so last-minute. Normally it would be the end of the world, but because iTunes was shutting down we were told that it would either go live at 11:30 East Coast time or January 5. We didn't know, so we get this phone call at 8:30 at night saying, "we are good." She was saying her prayers, we were all just hoping.

When I got the message that [the release was working], it started happening slowly and surely. Then it finally rolled out around the world, and it took a full day, until Sunday, for the album to register. On Saturday, six songs were in the top 10 almost in every country around the world. On Sunday, when the album finally registered, it was number one in almost every country, along with the six songs. It was an exciting ride. We all wish the hacking or stealing of the music never happened, but we're really grateful that everyone wanted the music to be heard. If people knew what had to happen from Wednesday to get it it up for Friday, it was a circus show.

Now that you've pulled off this feat, and moved up the album timeline by nearly two months, what's next?

We have a video shoot at some point, things to go do, now we've gotta figure it out what happens next. She really wants to support this, and wants to make sure that -- because it was so far out, we have to regroup. She did one or two interviews... there was no time to explain. I've learned a lot over the last few years, and it was important that the few songs we did release be understood because it was so rushed.

How is this being handled legally? Do you have any idea of the source?

We're talking about a criminal. It was photos, videos, anything that feels like it shouldn't be out there. She was posting them [on Instagram] saying, "Hey, I'm seeing this for the first time. Nice, thanks a lot." You know, this is new days, we've learned a lot, we understand where the holes were. And we're doing all of it. It's real. It's real stuff. A lot of pain, you know, seeing a lot of your private work just being thrown out there to the universe because someone can steal it and do that.

Was this a case of a fan feeling like they were "gifting" this unreleased material?

They weren't gifting people. I don't want to get too into it, but it will all be revealed at some point.

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Managers of U2, Pharrell, Madonna & more unite to revolutionize the music industry

Guy Oseary is unveiling the new Maverick: music’s biggest, most fiercely protected secret of the year, in which he’s rallying eight other top artist managers to partner with Live Nation and potentially reinvent a broken industry.

Guy Oseary has proven, if nothing else, that he can keep a secret. From everyone -- the music industry, his colleagues, his clients, even his wife -- and for months now.

But the secret's so important, so game-changing in its scope, that it has given him the rare occasion to be in Los Angeles long enough to accommodate a four-hour-plus block of meetings, keeping at bay a schedule filled with the global itineraries that come with managing superstar acts like Madonna, U2 and Alicia Keys -- not to mention a tech fund with Ashton Kutcher and billionaire Ron Burkle, A-Grade Investments, that has more than 20 companies in its portfolio.

Today, Oseary, 42, has privately invited eight of his fellow music managers to his spacious, Spanish-style Beverly Hills mansion for a barbecue -- and the public reveal, to an awaiting Billboard writer and camera crew, of their first-ever joint meeting as Maverick, Oseary and Live Nation's most aggressive attempt to shake up an industry that has been plugging holes for years. None of the managers' own employees even know why their bosses will be off the grid on this humid October Tuesday.

Joining Oseary are Laffitte Management's Ron Laffitte, I Am Other's Caron Veazey, Blueprint Group's Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant, Reign Deer's Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, Quest Management's Scott Rodger and Spalding Entertainment's Clarence Spalding. Collectively, they manage more than two dozen of the planet's biggest artists. And as of Oct. 17, all nine will be joining their companies and rebranding them and their respective employees as "Maverick," a name Oseary's client Madonna gave the label she co-founded in 1992. (Oseary led A&R at the label -- at age 22 -- and became chairman/CEO before it folded in 2007.)

It's a watershed moment for the management community, which has never been about hand-holding and problem-solving. Maverick is convening experts in pop, rock, R&B/hip-hop and country to make an unprecedented bet on the role of live events and technology in music's future. (The managers' clients are just now learning of the new formation.) Leber believes they'll find opportunities "beyond music, such as tech or consumer goods."

For Maverick's principals, the deal couldn't come at a better time. Music's main money source is at its starkest, most irreversible crossroads in history: Record sales hit an all-time low for the Nielsen SoundScan era in August, and year-to-date unit sales have dropped 14 percent in 2014. And with record-label marketing budgets practically nonexistent these days, managers, whose standard fee remains 15 percent of earnings, have taken on chief marketing officer roles for their clients. Witness Apple's $100 million ad push in support of U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, which Oseary secured in place of an advance radio campaign. They're also overseeing tours, as the live sector hits all-time highs -- including this summer's biggest stadium boom in 20 years.

The business incentives for Maverick's nine founding partners, who will leverage their collective assets and skills to build business, are undeniable. They won't detail the financial arrangements among the managers, Maverick and Live Nation, but their creative cross-pollination is already on display. In July, Oseary and Laffitte teamed up to co-manage Alicia Keys, Laffitte is connecting Oseary with radio consultants for the next U2 single, and Roberson is consulting on Madonna's next album with Oseary.

And there are plans for expansion. SEFG founder Shawn Gee, manager of The Roots and Jill Scott, will bring extra R&B expertise to the group. "It's not a closed-door event. We want other like-minded people," says Oseary. His vast Rolodex is drawn from his separate Hollywood talent firm Untitled Entertainment, the must-attend Oscar parties he hosts at home and the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs that populate his A-Grade portfolio. "He's one of the most connected people I've ever met," says Laffitte.

Oseary's tech savvy may cement the new unit's legacy. A-Grade is currently valued at $150 million, according to an industry source, and includes investments in Airbnb and Uber. Maverick's members will have a direct pipeline into those resources. Rodger, for example, has key clients (Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire) who own their catalogs and are poised for big moves in areas including copyright administration (A-Grade has investments in Spotify and SoundCloud, while Oseary has a personal investment in digital-rights firm INDmusic.) And Leber has been working with Sherpa Ventures, whose founder Shervin Pishevar helped fund Uber, Warby Parker and Tumblr.

Although declining to comment, Live Nation Entertainment president/CEO Michael Rapino surely hopes all this will help the company reassert itself as a powerhouse following the departure of chairman Irving Azoff at the end of 2012. (He took lucrative touring clients the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac with him.) The Maverick managers, including leader Oseary, will report to Rapino and Live Nation's Artist Nation management group, which houses more than 100 managers overseeing 250-plus acts like Maroon 5 and Kings of Leon. Oseary, Laffitte, Quest and Reign Deer already moved into Artist Nation's spacious new headquarters in Beverly Hills earlier this year, while Blueprint will maintain its New York office and Spalding will stay in Nashville.

Despite the streamlining potential, the Mavericks don't anticipate reductions in staff. Rodger says they'll boost head count: "Hiring a radio promotions team for one artist's album means they're not busy nine months of the year. We always wanted to have digital marketing in-house, because what happens when an artist is off-cycle and you have to fire everybody?" Maverick's not alone in making moves in the management space: Coran Capshaw's Red Light Management brings together 60 managers and more than 200 artists, with holdings in venues, branding, real estate and festivals that push the company's earnings past $100 million. And Azoff, having inked a $125 million deal with Madison Square Garden Media last fall, has been making aggressive acquisitions in comedy, EDM and branding talent, picking up No Doubt and Gwen Stefani as clients as well.

But with the mixed response to U2's free download deal with Apple surely fresh in his mind, Oseary says that "there are still a lot of people who are scared of innovation. There's still a group that's so quick to judge anyone trying [new things], and that's one of our handicaps in the music business. We could all do so much more if a bunch of us got in a room more often."

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Manager Madonna gaat ook belangen U2 behartigen

Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary gaat de taken van U2-manager Paul McGuinness overnemen nu concertpromotor Live Nation de managementbedrijven van beide popiconen lijkt te willen inlijven.

Live Nation zou in vergaande onderhandelingen zijn met zowel Maverick (Madonna) en Principle Management (U2), meldt de Amerikaanse krant The New York Times.

De concertpromotor zou meer dan 24 miljoen euro overhebben voor beide bedrijven. Oseary gaat de dagelijkse gang van zaken op zich nemen, bevestigt McGuinness.

"Het zou enigszins van slechte manieren getuigen om als manager je pensioen te overwegen voordat een artiest uit elkaar is, gestopt of gestorven is, maar U2 heeft zich nooit strikt gehouden aan de heersende gedragscode binnen de rock-‘n’-roll", stelt de 62-jarige manager van de Ierse rockband.

"Ik zag Guy Oseary al lange tijd als de beste manager van zijn generatie en er is niemand anders van wie ik het overwogen heb om de dagelijkse werkzaamheden van ons bedrijf te laten overnemen." Live Nation maakte in 2007 een exclusieve deal met Madonna en een jaar later met U2.

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Volgende single: Gang Bang?

De volgende single uit het album MDNA zou "Gang Bang" worden.
Guy Oseary zou dit bevestigd hebben in Parijs.
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Updates van Madonna's manager Guy Oseary

Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, heeft weer een aantal interessante berichten op zijn twitter account geplaatst over onder andere de PIT tijdens de tournee en de previews:

"People that bought VIP tickets in U.S. will also have a chance to win PIT tix. You should receive an email in the next few days. Let me know."

Een fan vroeg of de PIT ook bij shows in Canada komt , Guy schreef hij: "The PIT is at every single show.". Hiermee kunnen we de conclusie trekken dat er dus ook in Europa een PIT zal zijn.

Toen iemand hem de vraag stelde "Any contest for free tickets or PIT tickets?" reageerde hij met "We are working on those as well."

Met betrekking tot de previews schreef hij:
"There will be one tommorow, one saturday and one sunday... Enjoy!!!"

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Interessante tweets van Madonna's manager Guy Oseary

De manager van Madonna, Guy Oseary, heeft een aantal interessante berichten op twitter geplaatst. Zo verteld hij onder andere dat er geen promo tour zal plaatsvinden voor "MDNA". Lees hieronder de tweets:

"Hope to have more info tommorow regarding "Girl Gone Wild" teaser..."

"We won't be doing a promo tour... But we are still working on some cool ideas... Will keep you posted..."

"I always walk around and talk with the fans. That's one of my favorite things about touring, getting to see you all in person"

"I actually have a different favorite song every other day... Today it's "Superstar"... Yesterday it was "Best Friend"... Tommorow????"

"Hey! We are still going to do things... Just not a promo tour... Don't think so traditionally... :)"

"Will do my best to keep you guys posted... Going to sleep now... Goodnight.."
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We gebruiken cookies om statistieken te verzamelen van onze bezoekers om te zien hoe vaak de website - en welke pagina's - door bezoekers worden bekeken.