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Live Nation’s Arthur Fogel breaks down Madonna’s ‘Madame X Tour'

As this issue was going to press, Madonna had just announced dates for her upcoming “Madame X” Tour in support of her upcoming 14th studio album of the same name. And, as luck would have it, Arthur Fogel, the man overseeing Madge’s tours for the past 18 years, also happens to be Live Nation’s esteemed president of global touring and chairman of global music (and an Impact 50 honoree, click here). Here, he breaks down what to expect for the global superstar’s first jaunt since 2015’s Rebel Heart Tour and her serious underplays. 

How many tours have you done with Madonna? 
This will be my sixth. I started with her in 2001. Prior to that, she had toured, I think twice in 15 years? So, this is the sixth in whatever 18 years. She’s Madonna, right? This particular tour is a bit of a twist because she’s going to play multiple nights in smaller venues. It is not an arena tour or stadium tour. 
What kinds of places will she play? 
For instance, in New York, we’re playing Brooklyn Academy of Music. Basically, we’re going to do eight or nine cities over the course of the tour. Really, it comes from this album, it’s just a different kind of vibe. It lends itself more to intimacy. As we talked about it, it seemed to make sense to go this route rather than into bigger buildings. That’s what we’re going to do.
Is she doing multiple nights at each spot?
Yes. We’re playing three cities in Europe – London, Paris, and Lisbon. That’s it over there, and here, we’re doing LA [The Wiltern], New York [BAM], Chicago [The Chicago Theater], Miami [Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre], Vegas [Caesars Palace], Boston [the Boch Center Wang Theatre], Philly [The Met Philadelphia]. Multiple nights in each of those cities.
If she’s doing BAM I’m guessing it’s going to be fairly theatrical?
Listen, Madonna’s shows always have that dimension to them, but I would say it’s much more about the musical tone and vibe than it is pure theatrics. Maybe you’ve heard the first single? It’s definitely sort of Spanish influenced, world music-y, as much as a pop record.
Madonna doing BAM and the Wiltern and all these smaller theaters sounds like another innovative approach and iteration of the business. I would never have expected to see Madonna play those places in a million years.
I think it’s important, over a touring career, to change things up. It’s a part of what excites fans, keeps artists energized. I mean if you go out and do the same thing every tour, eventually that catches up to you. I think it’s great when people change it up, do different things, certainly, as it relates to creating music. There used to be a lot more tolerance for people changing things up and trying different things. I think doing that live is really important to longevity as well.
What do you do as her promoter now when you’ve announced the tour? What does that mean for your year ahead?
I would say most of the heavy lifting is done. We’ve been working on it for several months. Obviously, putting together the routing and the venues and putting all the pieces together on the marketing side, and the onsale. With Madonna, U2, my longtime clients, Gaga, I’m also the producer, so there’s both sides of the equation, right? There’s this kind of traditional promoter side, but there’s also the producer, production side. So, there’s a lot of pieces to put together, which we’ve been doing over the last several months. By the time this is announced, things will be in place. We’ll go on sale, and then it’s just sort of waiting to start in September. 
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Madonna to perform new single 'Future' with Quavo at Eurovision 2019

International pop icon Madonna will perform 2 songs during the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest on 18 May: Her 1989 smash hit 'Like A Prayer' and a world exclusive of brand-new single 'Future', which she will perform together with American rapper Quavo.

Viewers of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final will be the first to hear Madonna's track Future from her new album Madame X, to be released on 14 June. This year marks 30 years since the release of her iconic album Like a Prayer, and she will perform the title track accompanied by a 35-strong choir.

This will be the first time in the history of the contest that Madonna will grace the Eurovision stage, making the performance a once-in-a-lifetime treat for audiences all over the world. As one of the best-selling female artists in the world, selling more than 300 million records worldwide, her performance in Tel Aviv will be her third time visiting and performing in Israel.

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest: "We are pleased to finally confirm that the incomparable music icon Madonna will join us at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Performing live during the biggest entertainment show in the world will be a special moment for everyone – not least the fans. The talent on display in the competition this year is phenomenal and I’m sure the artists will further be inspired by her incredible performance and staging. We know that it will be an evening to remember and can’t wait to share it with everyone watching."

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Hoes van 'Future (feat. Quavo)'

Morgen, vrijdag 17 mei, verschijnt de volgende album track (Future) van Madame X in alle streaming diensten. Future (feat. Quavo) is geen echte single maar een promo single. Voor zover bekend is zal er voor deze track geen video verschijnen.

Omdat het in Nieuw-Zeeland en Australië al vrijdag is, is de track verschenen inclusief de hoes. Wij moeten nog even geduld hebben tot vanavond 00:00 uur.

future 500x500

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Touraankondiging Madame X Tour maandag 15.00 uur

Op is nu te lezen dat aanstaande maandag om 15.00 uur onze tijd de details van de Madame X Tour bekend worden gemaakt! Ook is bijgewerkt met een nieuwe afbeelding.
Maandag weten we meer. Tot die tijd, en uiteraard ook daarna, blijven we je op de hoogte houden van alle nieuwtjes in deze geweldige nieuwe Madonna periode.

MDN Madame X tour hdr2 14x750

madame x tour livenation

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Het zeer sterke gerucht gaat dat dit een afbeelding is van een advertentie in de New York Times van aanstaande zondag. Dat zou dan betekenen dat aanstaande maandag al details bekend worden gemaakt over de Madame X Tour!

ny times madame x tour

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Madonna talks giving 'zero you-know-whats' on new 'Madame X' album at London 'Medellin' video premiere

"I wanted to be able to go back to that time in my life when I was just starting out in New York and I didn’t care what people thought."

Madonna’s new album, Madame X, marks a return to her roots as a “naïve” teenager in New York who gave “zero you-know-whats” about what people thought of her, the singer said during an exclusive onstage interview at MTV’s London offices.

Appearing in front of an invited audience of around 150 fans and media on Wednesday evening (April 24), the 60-year-old pop star was in a characteristically playful, flirty and combative mood as she took part in a 30-minute globally televised MTV special that culminated in the world premiere of her video for “Medellín,” featuring Columbian singer Maluma.

Hosting the event was British DJ Trevor Nelson, while Madonna -- drinking pink champagne, holding a riding crop and dressed as what can only be described as a dominatrix pirate in high heels, fishnet tights, leather skirt, punk-style black blazer, eye-popping bodice and bejeweled eye patch -- also took a number of pre-approved questions from the floor and fans at simultaneous MTV listening events in Milan, New York City and São Paulo via satellite.

“This is a weird conversation,” said the singer after one of many painful, eventually comic silences caused by a five-second satellite delay that, at times, felt far longer. When Nelson subsequently complimented her on the “incredible” beginning of her career, Madonna exclaimed, “What about now?” and pretended to whip him.

A few minutes later, during an ad break, the now-Portugal-based singer made Nelson read out a press release biography of her Madame X alter ego as she stood behind him trying to put him off. It was just one of several surreal moments in an entertaining, slightly odd and over-far-too-quickly interview that provided some revealing insight into her new album.

Below, rewatch the conversation and see some of the most interesting things Madonna had to say.

How Madonna's adopted home of Lisbon influenced the record.

“I didn’t go to Lisbon to make a record. That was the last thing on my mind. It was because my son wants to be a professional soccer player and he was never going to have the highest level of training in America. So I spun the globe, did a lot of research and found the top five academies for boys to train. Lisbon ended up being my favorite city of the [five] options. … So I went to Lisbon to be a soccer mom, which is a crazy story, I know. That’s the last thing you would expect from [puts on a posh accent] a controversial gal like myself.

"I went there and I thought it was going to be super fun and adventurous, but then I found myself just going to school and picking up kids and going to soccer matches, and really being netty-no-mates. I got a little bit depressed and thought, ‘I’ve got to make friends and I got to meet people.’ So I started to meet people and go out a bit - I'm not like a goer-outer per se -- and most of the people I met were artists – either painters or musicians. I started getting invited to people’s homes and they have things called living room sessions. So everyone would congregate. People would bring wine, they would bring food, sit around the table. And then suddenly musicians would get up and start playing instruments and singing fado music and samba music. I was like, ‘Wait. What’s going on here? Like artists just get up and perform and you don’t get paid and they're just doing it for fun and love and passion?’

Why she believes music is "the soul of the universe."

"No matter where we are. Where we travel. No matter who we’re with or what language we speak, when we hear music, even if we don’t understand the words, we can still connect to the vibe, to the soul, to the feeling, the emotion that the artist put into that music. You can still relate to it. It doesn’t matter what language people are singing in, or the beat or genre. We will always, in a primal way, be connected through music. I feel that my record, because Lisbon is a melting pot of culture, from Angola to Spain to Brazil to France -- I had the pleasure and honor to meet musicians from all these places and be inspired by their music and let it influence me. And that’s how all these songs came to be. … We were connected before Instagram, people."

On reuniting with French producer Mirwais, whom she previously worked with on 2000’s Music, 2003’s American Life and 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor.

"I hadn’t worked with him in probably about 10 years and so I wasn’t sure whether he was going to like the direction I wanted to go in, and I sent him some music -- some Portuguese guitar that I had assembled from the living room sessions. I said, ‘What do you think you can do with this?' And he wrote me back a couple of days later and he [had] already added an 808 to it, gave it a beat, cut it up and turned it into something amazing. … He’s a very intelligent guy. Very philosophical. Very educated. Very cultured and very political. So inevitably all of my work will end up becoming those things."

How she came to choose the directors for the “Medellin” video.

"I worked with two directors from Barcelona: Diana Kunst and Mao Morco. It was really Diana’s work that I had seen first. She is also very influenced by a lot of the same painters and filmmakers that I am interested in. Surrealist painters like Frida Kahlo and Leonora Carrington. I felt that all of her videos are very painterly and I loved her color palette. I wanted this video to look like a painting. Hopefully it does. I just vibed with what she was interested in culturally."

Why Madame X marks a return to her roots and the meaning of the "Medellin" lyric: “I took a pill to be naive, to be someone I’ve never been.”

"What I mean by that line is naïve in terms of not caring what people think. I feel like when I started my career as an artist, I was naïve. The good thing about being naïve is that you don’t think about judgment. You don’t think about what people are going to say or think about what you’re doing. You are free and pure in your expression. I wanted to be able to go back to that time in my life when I was just starting out in New York and I didn’t care what people thought, and my music really came without listening to all the noise and recommendations or suggestions, or whatever. That is also the time in my life, when I was 19, when I was given the name Madame X. So the whole story has come full-circle…. Madame X is back to her roots. She doesn’t care zero you-know-whats."


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Madonna's nieuwe album geïnspireerd door depressie

Madonna's nieuwe album Madame X is niet zomaar uit de pen van de zangeres gekomen. Naar eigen zeggen voelde The Queen of Pop zich 'verveeld en depressief', toen ze verhuisd was naar Lissabon om daar een nieuw bestaan als 'voetbalmoeder' op te bouwen. Dit vertelde ze in een interview met MTV.

"Ik werd er een beetje depressief van"

De 60-jarige zangeres ging in de Portugese stad wonen omdat haar zoon David Banda een goede voetballer is en hij in Europa beter opgeleid kan worden dan in Amerika. "En dus ging ik naar Portugal om voetbalmoeder te worden, niet iets dat je direct verwacht van een controversieel persoon als ik. Ik dacht dat het heel leuk en avontuurlijk zou worden, maar uiteindelijk was ik alleen maar bezig met de kinderen naar school brengen, aan de zijlijn staan bij voetbal en dat soort zaken. Ik werd er een beetje depressief van," aldus Madonna.

"Toen dacht ik: ik moet nieuwe mensen ontmoeten en vrienden maken. De meeste mensen die ik ontmoette waren schilders of muzikanten, die me bij hen thuis uitnodigden. Mensen brachten eten en wijn mee en hadden gezellige sessies samen aan tafel. Van het ene op het andere moment pakten de muzikanten hun instrumenten en werd ik geïnspireerd om een nieuw album te maken."

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