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Madonna Live with Kelly and Ryan: foto's & video

Madonna was op 8 december te gast bij de Amerikaanse talkshow 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' waar ze onder andere sprak over haar MDNA Skin producten.

Ze danste met Anderson Cooper, deed aan Vogueing met Kelly en Ryan en vertelde dat ze in 2018 weer van plan is om op tour te gaan! Bekijk onderstaand foto's en het volledige interview.

Madonna Live with Kelly and Ryan 2017 1

Madonna Live with Kelly and Ryan 2017 2

Madonna Live with Kelly and Ryan 2017 3

Madonna Live with Kelly and Ryan 2017 4

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Madonna talks Feminism, Skin Care, and faking a good night's sleep

As I'm running on a solid five hours of sleep, Madonna calls to talk about her new MDNA Skin Finishing Cream ($250), a thermal-water-infused moisturizer that's supposed to fake a full night of peaceful slumber. So, how many hours does Madonna usually take to rest up? "Six," the icon said. "If I'm lucky, and it's a Sunday sleep-in day, eight. And that's just a marvelous privilege."

It's hard to imagine Madonna sleeps at all, considering how hard the woman works. Between being, you know, Madonna and all, earlier this Fall she also launched MDNA Skin, her passion-project skincare line. The Finishing Cream is her latest drop, and given its major hype, it just might become her most popular.

What's so special about this cream? For one, it contains M.T.PARCA Thermal Water extracted from Montecatini, Italy. This province in Tuscany has won fame for the healing properties of its water. "People go to these spas to heal everything from arthritis to skin ailments," Madonna said. "The water rises to the surface of the volcanic eruption, and then that's skimmed off of the top. That's purified, and those waters have a specific molecular structure that not only heals the skin but also purifies, tightens, hydrates, and illuminates."

According to Madonna, eczema, acne, scars, and rosacea can all be healed or reversed with M.T.PARCA Thermal Water. I ask her if it can go on other parts of your body, like how she previously told us that her Magnetic Clay Mask should be applied to your butt because "it has an audience."

"Well, that was a joke," she said, laughing. "But, absolutely. It has a microcurrent quality, so it's stimulating your muscles. You can use it anywhere."

I ask her about my problem area — dark under-eyes — and it turns out that Madonna and I have exactly one thing in common (and thus, my life is complete). "I tend to wake up with really puffy eyes, so if it's early in the morning, the first thing I have to do is put ice on my eyes and do things to make the swelling go down," she said. For that same reason, she always pops her Eye Mask ($50) in the fridge before using.

Then the Material Girl herself tells me that, in fact, there are some skincare results money can't buy. "The thing that makes you feel the most beautiful is when you're happy with yourself, and you're confident, and you've done something good," she said. She referenced when she gave an emotional speech on being a woman in the music industry at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, or the time she built a pediatric care wing at a hospital in Malawi. "Those are empowering moments that make me feel beautiful inside and out."

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Drag Race star Milk is the new face of Madonna's MDNA skincare line

Madonna's new commercial for her MDNA skincare line appears to feature the iconic singer revisiting some of her most groundbreaking looks: the Blonde Ambition cone bra and the "Hung Up" and "Living For Love" music videos, specifically. But at the end of the clip, the model is revealed to be none other than Drag Race alum and soon-to-be All Stars contestant Milk.

“Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to embody many personas―to express myself but remain myself,” Madonna muses as the video begins, before calling out for a “revolution of being who you are.”

The MDNA skincare line includes face washes, mists, serums, masks, and rejuvenators ranging from $50 to $600.

Milk shared the exciting news of his casting over Instagram, writing: "From having my makeup done by Aaron Henrikson, to my hair, to secretly getting to try on the original Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra (it didn't fit haha), shooting the MDNA SKIN campaign video was surreal. To be a part of this, for someone who has always epitomized the ideals of being different and unique, was a dream come true."

Take a look at the glorious new campaign, below:

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Promotie video's van MDNA Skin

Vanaf maandag 25 september 2017 is Madonna's MDNA Skin verkrijgbaar in Amerika. Er zijn veel promo filmpjes gemaakt die je hieronder kunt bekijken.

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Madonna in The Tonight Show

Gisterenavond - maandag 25 september 2017- was Madonna te gast in The Tonight Show van Jimmy Fallon. Ze was daar om haar cosmeticalijn MDNA Skin te promoten.

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Madonna has a skincare line that you didn't know about

Yes, our favourite rebel heart has a secret to looking so good. And it's not what you think.

Madonna will be in Singapore on the 28 February as part of her Rebel Heart tour. But this ageless wonder (she's actually 58) made a pit stop in Japan recently where she relaunched her skincare line. Yes, you heard right. Madonna has a skincare line, MDNA Skin, that was co-created with MTG, one of the biggest beauty companies in Japan. MDNA Skin is actually the only sponsor for her Rebel Heart tour.

This line relaunch took place on 15 February in Tokyo, and three new products were trotted out: the Face Wash, Rose Mist and the Eye Mask. This adds on to the four existing products in the range that include a Chrome Clay Mask and a Serum that was launched two years ago.

Known for being a perfectionist with exacting standards, the entire MDNA Skin range has been personally created and tested by the queen of pop herself, in conjunction with her personal aesthetician Michelle Peck — who serves as brand director.

While it is only available in Japan at the moment, the brand will launch in major Asian cities like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea in the months to come. In fact, it will be launching in Singapore in the second half of this year, though details on where it will retail have not been confirmed yet.


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MDNA SKIN launches in Japan on February 12

Michelle Peck, Skin Care Artist and Madonna's Skin Care Advisor and Brand Ambassador Introduces MDNA SKIN on February 12th.

'MDNA SKIN' - the new innovative and revolutionary skin care brand created by Madonna in collaboration with MTG, Japan's leading beauty company, is scheduled to open in Omotesando for a limited time beginning Thursday, February 13th thru Sunday, February 23rd between 11:00 and 20:00. This will be the exclusive location to buy 'MDNA SKIN' in the world. The brand's goal is to challenge women and their awareness about the art of beauty and skin care.

The state-of-the-art treatment system consists of three components:

The clay oil therapy inspired CHROME CLAY MASK, made with a base of clay from Montecatini Terme in Italy, which performs multiple functions that enrich the skin.

The SKIN REJUVINATOR - the specialized Magnetic Force and Deep Derma induction system devised to remove impurities and revitalizes the skin.

THE SERUM - based on an original formula that was created exclusively for Madonna, it creates a glowing effect when used alone and is further enhanced when used with the CHROME CLAY MASK and SKIN REJUVENATOR.

Using these products routinely as part of daily skin care regime creates firm, resilient and radiant skin overflowing with energy after every use.

The MDNA SKIN POP UP STORE will give customers the opportunity to see, feel and experience the products and enjoy the multiple screen projected visuals. The store will also host a VIP area and the location for special events.

MDNA SKIN will be available at selected department stores in Japan on February 26th.


DATE: 2/13 - 2/23
OPEN TIME: 11:00 - 20:00
5-11-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5 minute walk from Omotesando Station, Exit A1
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon

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Brengt Madonna producten voor huidverzorging op de markt?

Met een foto op haar Instagram heeft ze de geruchten aangewakkerd dat de zangeres binnenkort met een geheel eigen huidverzorgingslijn op de markt komt onder de naam #MDNASKIN. Maar zou het echt?

Madonna nam een Instagram-foto van zichzelf op de vloer van haar badkamer met het onderschrift: “De dag zit er bijna op. Bad of douche? #MDNASKIN”. Meer hadden volgers niet nodig om de conclusie te trekken dat Madonna binnenkort met een eigen lijn verzorgingsproducten naar buiten komt. En we kunnen hier wel in volgen. Zo heeft ze recent een eigen parfum op de markt gebracht ‘Truth or Dare’ en is ze de trotse eigenares van een aantal sportcentra ‘Hard Candy Fitness’ over de wereld. Een verzorgingslijn zou perfect binnen dit plaatje passen.

Bovendien is er een Japanse website van een Japans cosmeticabedrijf dat zegt dat de #MDNASKIN-lijn op 12 februari zal onthuld worden in Tokyo. Ondertussen blijft het uiteraard enkel bij speculeren. Binnenkort iedereen een even strakke huid als Madonna?

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