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Highest-grossing solo touring artist Madonna teases new world tour!

Madonna has plans for a new world tour! Get your coins ready, ladies! Madonna is planning to promote her forthcoming album with a tour!

This may come as no surprise, but it's still extremely excited to get such an early confirmation.

How do we know this? M posted a photo on Instagram today (May 24) of her performing with the caption, "anything is possible."

madonna teases new world tour 2019 instagram

The queen of pop recently announced she's got a new song in the works titled "Beautiful Game." Fans got a taste of it when she performed it at the Met Gala earlier this month. Watch that here.

Get ready!

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Interview: Patrick Leonard Talks Madonna, Leonard Cohen, and Instagram Fame

One of the first adjectives people will often use when describing Patrick Leonard is “humble.” The veteran composer and producer has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac. And yet he’s incredibly modest about his résumé, always shifting the focus back to the music.

A year ago, Leonard’s public profile grew when—at the urging of his son, who’d read an interview in which Madonna questioned whether her longtime collaborator was on Instagram—he joined the social media app. Fans of the Queen of Pop flocked to his account, and soon Leonard was performing a sold-out show at Joe’s Pub in New York, playing instrumental versions of the songs he wrote with Madonna for fans of his that he didn’t know existed a year earlier.

“For the first time ever I’m investigating my old work and seeing if I can bring something to the fans who are obviously very loyal to it,” Leonard told me over the phone during a break from recording in his Los Angeles studio. In October, Leonard took a hiatus from his newfound Instagram fame to start work on a new album, his first in over 20 years. The album, which he says will likely be released in two volumes, is composed of newly recorded versions of those famous Madonna songs, performed with some of the original musicians, including guitarist Bruce Gaitsch and bassist Guy Pratt. A Kickstarter campaign for the album will launch in the coming weeks.

I chatted with Leonard about the album, electronic music, the late Leonard Cohen, and, of course, his work with Madonna, including Ray of Light, which was released 20 years ago this week.

Was it a surprise to learn that you’re, at the very least, a beloved figure among Madonna fans?

It was a bit of a surprise. I certainly expected that people knew my name associated with her, but I didn’t realize that I was held in such high esteem by so many. A very pleasant surprise.

Looking back at Ray of Light, 20 years later, how do you think it holds up?

I think it holds up really well. I looked at the songs [from the album] I was gonna do at Joe’s [Pub] and felt the innovation of it and just how good [co-producer] William Orbit was at that time. It’s still apparent. Very innovative, and sonically very interesting.

One of my favorite songs you co-wrote for Ray of Light is the B-side “Has to Be,” which was included on the original tracklist for the album, but it was swapped out for another song last minute. It’s such a beautiful, heartbreaking, almost ambient ballad about self-love.

You know, I haven’t listened to the original demo of that one yet. I wish I could remember how it went. You mind if I YouTube it?

[Laughs] Not at all.

Oh, yeah, I remember now. I think I hear a Juno [Roland synthesizer]!

Tori Amos has covered several Madonna songs in concert, and her recent rendition of “Frozen” is really haunting and beautiful. Have you heard it?

I haven’t. I think Tori’s wonderful, but I don’t go looking for those things. It has to literally be put in front of me. This isn’t a comment on Tori, because again I haven’t heard it, but oftentimes when people do covers, they don’t know the center of it. Maybe they have their own sense of the center, but my sense of where the plumb line is—a single line and everything’s built around it—that knowledge and sense of where that line actually exists is different for [the songwriters] than anyone else. And so, usually when I hear other people’s versions, I’m flattered that they think it’s a good enough piece of music that they want to represent themselves with it. I’m honored at that level.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Madonna songs she’s chosen to cover—“Live to Tell,” “Like a Prayer,” and “Frozen”—are ones you co-wrote.

Yeah. This is an assumption, but Tori probably chose those songs because she’s a pianist and they were written on piano.

Oh, good point.

They’re all pianistic.

Another seminal Madonna album you worked on, Like a Prayer, turns 30 next year. One of my favorite songs on the album is “Spanish Eyes.” It’s so different tonally from the two previous Latin-influenced songs you wrote with Madonna, “La Isla Bonita” and “Who’s That Girl.” It’s darker and more mysterious.

The way we worked on Like a Prayer, and other records as well but particularly Like a Prayer—we wrote a song a day. I wrote this thing, at the piano again, and at the top of it, it says “tango.” She came in the morning [and] listened to it, [wrote] the lyric, put a guide vocal down, and went home. [laughs] What I always believed was good about our collaborations is that the spirit of the composition was always very closely reflected in the sentiment of the lyric, and the spirit of it as well. So if there was a darkness about [the music], that gave her an opportunity for the lyric to go there. And even something like “Till Death Do Us Part”—which had an uncomfortableness about it and yet it felt all bubbly and perky, but it wasn’t. And I always thought that was a great lyrical position, to have it be this really dark…not really dark, but you know—

It’s pretty dark!

Yeah, a tremendous amount of conflict. But you feel like you can skip rope to it.

Like a Prayer is easily her most organic album in terms of the live instrumentation, but “Till Death Do Us Part” is an exception. It’s a very synth-based track. What’s your relationship to electronic music? I know you’ve posted videos on Instagram where you’re experimenting with patching different modular synths and things like that.

I started playing piano really, really young. But I took jazz lessons, and I took classical lessons. And I started playing in rock bands when I was about 10 years old. So I have a really strange potpourri of a background. But I also, from the very beginning of my career as a keyboardist, had synthesizers. They’ve always been very present for me. I’m making this record now of Madonna songs and a lot of the gear I’m using is the same gear I used on [Madonna’s 1986 album] True Blue, and interfacing with new modular stuff. And what I like to do is—I like to then bring in players to play on top of it. Playing along with “machines” presents another challenge.

Madonna’s work with producer Nellee Hooper on her 1994 album Bedtime Stories is sometimes credited as a precursor to Ray Of Light, but “I’ll Remember” [co-written and produced by Leonard] is also quite electronic. The drum programming is so complex and expressive—almost pointillistic.

It’s also [drummer] Jonathan Moffett. [laughs]

Really? How do you create that sound?

Necessity’s the mother of invention, right? Like, this morning I’m working on a modular program version of [Madonna’s 1990 single] “Hanky Panky,” which is absolutely sick. There’s many layers to [creating that sound]. One is that the precision necessary to do it—when you force a human to that sort of precision, you get something vital. When you just do it and you chop it up on a computer, it sounds cool, but you don’t get that person sweating—

That’s the expressiveness I’m talking about.

Yeah. It forces somebody to the edge of their abilities, and in doing so, you get a human energy that I really enjoy. It’s not as accurate as it sounds; it’s not as pristine as the impression that it gives you. But part of that is that the sequence is running; your body’s taking in something that feels metronomic, it feels like a clock, while there’s things breathing inside of it.

These days Leonard Cohen is probably the artist you’re most closely associated with, since you worked on his three final albums. What was that songwriting process like?

Unlike with Madonna, he didn’t dabble in the music and I wasn’t gonna try to dabble in the lyrics. He would send me a lyric and I would work on the music. Some of them we worked on many, many, many versions, which also differs from Madonna. What Leonard was looking for was the perfect setting for the poem that didn’t interrupt the verse that he had written—because obviously that was king, and deserved to be. So those records were a bit of an exercise in staying out of the way.

I understand that your performance at Joe’s Pub last fall was a bit serendipitous for you.

It was just sweet that [Cohen] performed there and his poster was on the wall just above the stage. It hadn’t been that long since he had passed, so it was nice to see him hanging on the wall.

Watching over you.


What did you learn from him?

Oh, that’s a big question. A lot—as a person, and a tremendous amount as an artist. Methodology, process. How does a mere mortal get to a place where the lyrics are what his lyrics were, are, will always be. How do you get there? And his process is different than anyone else I’d seen, and anyone else I’d ever worked with. And I found it beautiful, and I incorporate it theoretically, in principle, all the time now. Once you see something like that you’re a fool not to see what you can do to learn from it. I’ll miss Leonard forever.

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Madonna laat zich van een hele andere kant zien

Madonna heeft zich in een video op haar Instagram van een hele andere kant laten zien. Haar volgers zijn laaiend enthousiast: 'Alleen nog maar dit soort onbewerkte nummers op je volgende album', is een veelgehoorde kreet.

'Mijn favoriete nummer spelen wanneer verder iedereen aan het slapen is. Een slaapliedje, liefde', schrijft de wereldster bij de video. Beoordeel zelf!

De wereldster kwam vorige week in het nieuws omdat zij te zien was in een reguliere vlucht richting Portugal, waar haar zoon voetbalt. En alsof dat nog niet bijzonder genoeg was; de zangeres vloog geen Business maar Economy class. Ze is zo lekker gewoon gebleven.

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Madonna finally explains what’s behind her sometimes nutty Instagram posts

"It’s an important part of my work now. I like to think of it as a kind of art gallery for my thoughts, my dreams, my wishes, my state of mind. Can’t ignore social media.”

In the new issue of EW Madonna tells Andy Cohen about the thought process behind her sometimes baffling, occasionally informative (hints about her Rebel Heart tour set list abound) always entertaining posts on Instagram, some of which we’ve included for your pleasure below.

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In de videoclip voor 'Bitch I'm Madonna' figureren diverse bekende artiesten

Via haar Instagram account laat Madonna weten dat de videoclip voor haar nieuwe single Bitch I'm Madonna er aan komt.

Tevens vermeldt ze dat er diverse gasten in de clip figureren. Volgens fansite DrownedMadonna zijn dit o.a. Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora.

Bij deze post op Instagram plaatst Madonna voor de tweede keer een illustratie van de Nederlandse Madonna fan Rob Jacobs. Op deze post heeft ze naast de namen van Nicki, Miley en Rita ook de namen getagged van Diplo en Katy Perry.

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Miley Cyrus zoent poster Madonna

Miley Cyrus steekt niet onder stoelen of banken dat ze groot fan is van Madonna.

Dat Madonna en Miley het goed kunnen vinden is al langer duidelijk. Via social media kanalen spreken ze regelmatig hun steun uit naar elkaar en ook hebben ze samen opgetreden.

Nu Madonna's nieuwe plaat Rebel Heart uit is, kan Miley het dan ook niet laten om de wereld dat te laten weten. Ze plaatste een foto op Instagram waarop ze te zien is terwijl ze een grote poster van Madonna zoent. Bij de foto schreef ze: '#RebelHeart is out now !!!! F*ckkkkk yeahhhhh' met een link naar de verkoop.

Madonna werd duidelijk heel blij van de woorden van haar jonge vriendin. Ze plaatste de foto op haar eigen account en schreef erbij dat Miley een echte 'Rebelheart' is.

Dat is hoogstwaarschijnlijk precies de reden dat deze twee dames het zo goed met elkaar kunnen vinden.

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Madonna: I found out that I’d been hacked from my Instagram followers

In a new interview, the queen of pop says her millions of Instagram followers lent her a hand — by letting her know that her music had leaked online.

Madonna took a nasty tumble last night while performing at the Brit Awards — but it was far from the first ordeal she’s had to endure while promoting her new album, Rebel Heart. Consider what happened in December, when a nasty hack of her personal computer led to dozens of the demos she had recorded leaking online. Quickly, she finished several of those songs and rushed out a six-track EP on iTunes, then got to work prepping the rest of her album for a March 10 release. On Jan. 21, an Israeli man was arrested in connection with the hack, helping bring resolution what she described as “artistic rape.”

In an interview in the March 9 issue of TIME, on newsstands Friday, Madonna opens up about the fallout from the hack, which she says she learned about from a surprising source: her fans. “It was through Instagram that I found out my songs were leaking, because my fans were warning me,” she says. “Aside from the violation of having something stolen from me, suddenly, people were making comments on songs I had no intention of releasing. I thought, ‘Oh my God,’ I have to push myself into overdrive.’ I didn’t sleep for weeks. I didn’t see my kids. It was pandemonium, confusion, paranoia, hysteria.”

In the wake of the unprecedented hacking of Sony, cybersecurity is a hot-button issue, and Madonna says she only expects it to get worse. “I think it’s going to become pervasive in our society,” she says. “People make a living off it. It’s not like you’re a bank robber — there’s some kind of honesty to that crime. With cybercrime, you don’t know who they are. People can hide so easily, and it’s really dangerous. What it represents to an artist to not be able to finish your work, to never know when someone is going to steal something off a server — what does that mean for artists in the future? The fact that this guy was arrested, and that there will be a prosecution, is extremely important to me. Not just because of my stolen art, but for what it means for other artists. I think it will send a very strong message to the world.”

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Heeft Drake een oogje op Madonna?

Bespeuren wij hier een nieuwe romance op Instagram? Of is er heel iets anders aan de hand? Het lijkt erop dat Drake (28) soort-van-zegt dat hij een oogje op Madonna (56) heeft. Zijn volgers op het medium speculeren er in elk geval op los en ook wij hebben een aantal theorieën.

Andersom: Madonna wil juist aandacht via hem. Drake is hartstikke populair en zelfs de Queen of Pop kan wel wat publiciteit gebruiken als er een nieuwe plaat gaat verschijnen. En de cijfers liegen er niet om: Madge heeft 2,8 miljoen volgers op Instagram, Drake heeft er 7 miljoen. Dus geeft die kerel zijn featuring en maak er meteen je nieuwe toyboy van. Wij gokken dat het jullie beiden geen windeieren zal leggen.

I wanna ride with you

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

What if I pick you up from your house? We should get out.

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Nu zijn voormalige scharrel Rihanna samen schijnt te zijn met Leonardo DiCaprio, is het ook voor Drake tijd om verder te gaan met zijn leven. Lijkt ‘ie te doen ook. Hij postte bovenstaande plaatjes van Madonna en schreef daarbij: “Ik wil met je rijden” en “Wat als ik je oppik bij jou thuis? We zouden weg moeten gaan.”

De grote vraag is: wat wil de rapper nou precies? Hier zijn wat mogelijkheden:

Hij wil op haar album

Madonna brengt binnenkort een nieuw album uit en legt daar momenteel de laatste hand aan. Misschien wil hij, voordat ze het helemaal af heeft, nog kans maken om een featuring-plekkie te bemachtigen? Eén van de reageerders op zijn Insta-pagina wijst erop dat hij door te bedelen ook een guest spot op Beyoncés laatste album te pakken heeft gekregen.

Hij staat al op haar album

…Of de tekst bij de foto’s verwijst simpelweg naar de songtekst van een al bestaande samenwerking tussen de twee. Laten we die mogelijkheid niet vergeten. Van sommige volgers is het geduld nu al op: “Drop this damn Madonna song already”, staat er te lezen onder één van de foto’s.

Hij vindt haar een MILF

Misschien geilt Drake wel gewoon hartstikke hard op de zangeres, die twee keer zijn leeftijd is. Ze ziet er natuurlijk nog hartstikke lekker uit, zelfs topless. Maar zoals enkele van Drakes volgers terecht opmerken: “Wtf, daar lijkt ze nu niet eens meer op” en “Iemand zou hem moeten vertellen dat ze er zo nu niet meer uitziet.” Als hij haar nú sexy vindt, zou hij wel foto’s posten van hoe ze er nú uitziet toch?

Hij wil Nicki jaloers maken

Logischer is dat hij stiekem gewoon platenlabelgenootje Nicki Minaj wil. Ze kan wel rappen dat ze niet met ‘m gesekst heeft op hun hete samenwerking Only, maar dat ze het moet ontkennen zegt eigenlijk al genoeg. En aangezien Nicki en Madge dikke vriendinnen zijn, komt dit vast wel aan bij de vrouw van zijn dromen. Slim, Drake: speel het via haar BFF.

Hij wil aandacht

Kan natuurlijk ook dat Drake gewoon wil dat er over hem gepraat wordt. Als hij publiekelijk geilt op een mede-celebrity moet dat wel lukken toch?

Madonna wil aandacht

Andersom: Madonna wil juist aandacht via hem. Drake is hartstikke populair en zelfs de Queen of Pop kan wel wat publiciteit gebruiken als er een nieuwe plaat gaat verschijnen. En de cijfers liegen er niet om: Madge heeft 2,8 miljoen volgers op Instagram, Drake heeft er 7 miljoen. Dus geeft die kerel zijn featuring en maak er meteen je nieuwe toyboy van. Wij gokken dat het jullie beiden geen windeieren zal leggen.

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And the rebellious streak continues... Madonna shows off her ample assets in a series of seductive snaps

She recently caused quite a bit controversy after going topless in a shoot for Interview.

Keen to continue to show off her assets and her extensive collection of rings, Madonna posted a string of seductive snaps to Instagram on Tuesday morning.

The 56-year-old gave her fans on the photo-sharing app, which recently deleted all fake accounts causing celebrities to lose a significant amount of followers, quite the eyeful.

Clutching her breasts in her hands, the Material Girl singer proved to be extremely ample as she slipped into a champagne coloured lace balconette styled bodice.

Wearing a number of gold rings embellished with gems, Madonna accessorised the piece of lingerie with a floral gold waistbelt.   

Keeping her face out of the frame, the picture, which is part of the promo trail for her new album, Rebel Heart, currently has over 63,000 likes and was captioned: 'Diamonds are an #unapologeticb***hes best friend #rebelheart'.

In another shot, the mother-of-four put her slender legs on display as she donned a pair of suspenders with stockings as she appeared to be wearing a black bodysuit.

Once again the jewellery on her hands seemed to be the main focus of the image as she rocked an intricate leaf design piece.

The description read: 'Today I'm a Cosmo Girl Living for Love #rebelheart'.

'Love thy haters as thyself! #rebelheart verse 313..........#livingforlove', were the words placed alongside an image of Madonna's perfectly manicured nails.

Last Saturday, Madonna pulled a Beyoncé and surprised her fans with a post-midnight release of six new songs for those who pre-order her new album, Rebel Heart on iTunes.

The icon's latest body of work, which will be her 13th drops March 10 and has already suffered two early leaks, including 13 unfinished demos.

cosmogirl instagram 1

On Monday the singer defended her references to 'terrorism' and 'rape' in connection with the unauthorised releases by saying that she is 'living in a state of terror.'

Speaking to The Guardian, Madonna explained: 'Obviously there is a person, or a group of people behind this that were essentially terrorising me.

'I don't want to sound alarming, but certainly that's how I felt.'

She added: 'It's one thing if someone comes into your house and steals a painting off your wall: that's also a violation, but, your work, as an artist, that's devastating.

'I'm an artistic person, I'm very expressive. I'm sorry if words alarm people, but that's what it felt like. It was not a consensual agreement. I did not say 'hey, here's my music, and it's finished.' It was theft.'

cosmogirl instagram 2

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