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Go inside Madonna and Guy Oseary's exclusive Oscars after-party with photographer JR

The 91st Academy Awards were filled with historic firsts and emotional moments, from Black Panther‘s Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler becoming the first black women to win in their respective categories (Costume Design and Production Design) to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s stirring performance of their award-winning song “Shallow.”

After the event, the biggest names in Hollywood celebrated at “The Party,” entertainment mogul Guy Oseary and Madonna’s famed after-party, where there is a strict ban on social media posts.

TIME partnered at the event with the artist and photographer JR—a 2018 TIME 100 honoree—for an exclusive look at last night’s winners and partygoers.

JR, who says he nearly got thrown out of the party for taking an illicit photo of Michael Jordan and Pharrell the first time he attended, has set up a photo studio at the gathering to take portraits of guests since 2017.

“Cinema has always had a huge influence on me,” JR said. “Last year I was nominated for an Academy Award, and I still spent most of that night creating new images at the very party I was almost kicked out of.

As the sole photographer at the party, JR’s portraits provide a special look at guests like Academy Award winner Lady Gaga, who posed with Madonna and separately, with her fellow winner Mark Ronson, on Hollywood’s biggest night. Other attendees included Aston Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Ibeyi and Swae Lee.

Click here for the photos.


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Nile Rodgers talks Chic’s gay appeal and working with Madonna and Lady Gaga

He’s the awesome guitarist, Chic frontman and producer who has worked with everyone from Madonna to Daft Punk via Diana Ross and David Bowie – and Nile Rodgers is still going strong at age 63. He’s curating the FOLD Festival this June, with a line-up that includes Alison Moyet, Beck and, of course, Chic themselves. And, he teases Attitude, he may or may not be working on the new Gaga album…

So Nile, how does it feel to be hailed as a legend?
[Laughs] Very awkward and strange. But it’s better than being called a jerk, although I’ve been called that quite a bit too and it doesn’t bother me that much. When you’re in showbusiness you get that a lot, people going ‘Look at that jerk playing those disco chords’.

What can festival-goers expect from this year’s FOLD three-dayer?
I choose bands and musicians that I love and I see it as a sort of edification process. You get people saying ‘I’m just coming to see Alison Moyet or Chic or John Newman or whoever’, then they discover that so and so is really cool too and they’re going ‘I had no idea’. It opens your mind to all kinds of music.

Why do you feel Chic’s music is so big in the gay community?
Cos it’s fun, it feels good, it’s great to sing our choruses. It’s easy to go [sings] ‘We are family’ or ‘Aaah, freak out’ or ‘Everybody dance’. It’s not like you need the Rosetta Stone to translate it.

What’s the campest thing you’ve ever done, musically speaking?
By far that would be our first hit record where we went ‘Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah’. But it was intellectual and artistic in context because we were commenting on the times. In America it was the worst economic period since the Great Depression but disco was so hedonistic you’d think everyone was a multimillionaire. People were celebrating as if they had money.

Personally, I’d say working with Sheila B. Devotion was even camper…
But we didn’t think of it as campy. It was more like a math problem. Sheila was a big star in France but she was under the thumb of her record company and we were all about liberation. I mean, I’m an ex-Black Panther. It’s a whacky job being a musician because you love what you do but you really are a slave in a way. I understand why Prince wrote ‘Slave’ on his forehead. We knew we had a big mission with Sheila; she had a French accent, singing in English, so it was no easy task, man.

And what about Like A Virgin?
[Laughs] Your definition of camp is a wee bit different to mine. England is known for a plethora of campy songs that come out every year and I never try and make something that’s intentionally camp. My intention is to mix some sort of intellectualism with a certain degree of accessibility, what I call hooks, to make people listen to the secondary message.

It’s been yonks since you worked with Madonna on that album. Would you work with her again?
If she wanted to do it, sure. I love Madonna. I adore Madonna. She’s actually one of my favourite people.

How did you feel about the passing of David Bowie, who you worked with on the Let’s Dance album?
That really broke my heart and blew me away. The great thing about working with him and getting to know him is that he’s a real artist in that you can take away whatever you want to take away. He does his art and craft in such a way that my interpretation is just as valid as yours.

It’s interesting that you talk about him in the present tense…
When I finish working with an artist I always think of waiting for them to call me to do the next record. Music feels to me like it’s the living representation of the person.

What’s been your favourite ever collaboration?
I’d have to say Let’s Dance and for a number of reasons. I was thrilled to do the Diana Ross album; it’s the first record I made with a superstar. Then of course there’s Chic, my baby. Duran Duran. Madonna selling an insane amount of records. But those were all records where I was thought of as being in the mix. Only Bowie’s record was made with people saying ‘We hate this guy, he comes from disco and disco sucks’ so it was David and I against the world. We did it in just 17 days start to finish.

So if you did that in 17 days, what’s your excuse for not making a new Chic album?
Where do I start? My mother is incredibly ill and this past year has been the most taxing time of my life. Even when I was diagnosed with cancer five years ago I had a plan of how I was going to deal with it. I was preparing for death and I started doing a lot of concerts and writing a bunch of songs. Now I’m in remission and I had a whole plan laid out for the new album, but you can’t do that when you have to rely on other people. There are certain artists I want to appear on the record but I can only do it when they’re available.

Do you yearn for the old days of sex, drugs and Studio 54?
Yeah, of course, man. But I’m still having a great time. When I walk out on stage with Disclosure and the crowd goes nuts it’s amazing because when I was younger and I walked into the DJ booth at Studio 54 there wasn’t the same rousing applause. At that time DJs didn’t have the same status.

Who are you a fan of at the moment?
There’s so many people for so many different reasons. I absolutely adore The Weeknd. I flip out over Kendrick Lamar. I think Bruno Mars is naturally gifted. And of course, because I’m working with her, I think Lady Gaga is extraordinary. Every time I’m in her presence I say to myself ‘Wow, how does the world not know that you know how to do this?’ She’s incredible.

So is this you confirming you’re working on the new Gaga album?
Erm, I will never admit nor deny that!

Nile Rodgers is curating the FOLD Festival 2016 from June 24th-26th and appearing with Chic alongside Labrinth, Beck, Alison Moyet and many more. Tickets are on sale now. For full details visit

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Are Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & Madonna releasing a single tomorrow?

Katy Perry has announced that a joint single with Lady Gaga and Madonna will drop tomorrow... but is it for real?!

The pop stars caught up at the Met Ball in New York not long ago and Katy's exciting announcement on Instagram has basically broken the internet!

"Dropping our single tomorrow," she captioned the epic pic of the three of them.


So, is she serious?! Is she joking?! ARGH!!!

Either way, we are losing our s**t here at Scoopla HQ!

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Madonna heeft niks tegen Lady Gaga

Madonna heeft het gehad met de geruchten over een vermeende vete met Lady Gaga. Ze ziet het liefst dat iedereen erover ophoudt.

Dat zegt ze in een interview met Rolling Stone.

"We leven in een wereld waarin mensen het leuk vinden vrouwen tegen elkaar op te zetten", klaagt Madonna, die al eerder ontkende dat er sprake is van jaloezie of ruzie met Lady Gaga.

Madonna hielp die indruk vorige zomer de wereld in nadat ze haar gelekte nummer Two Steps Behind zong over een vermeende copycat: "Mijn recept stelen, dat staat je heel lelijk", zong ze. "Heb je wel goed genoeg opgelet? Je zult nooit mij worden. Je bent slechts een wannabe-mij."

Madonna hint dat het in dat lied wel degelijk over Lady Gaga gaat. "De enige keer dat ik Lady Gaga bekritiseerde was toen ze schaamteloos een nummer van me kopieerde."

Dat betekent niet dat er verder ruzie is, benadrukt ze. "Het heeft er niks mee te maken dat ze mijn zogenaamde kroon zou stelen of dat ze mijn plek inneemt. Zij heeft haar ding. Ik vind haar een erg getalenteerde zangeres en songwriter."

De zangeres heeft een geheim plan in de maak om de geruchten definitief tot een einde te brengen: "Het is saai dat iedereen dit opblaast. Ik geef er ook niks meer om. Op een dag zal iedereen erover ophouden. Je zult het zien, ik heb een plan."

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Madonna talks Gaga feud and age appropriateness in Rolling Stone

Madonna is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, and as expected from the Queen of Pop, she isn’t mincing her words when it comes to controversial topics–including her infamous beef with her supposed nemesis, Lady Gaga.

Madge labels their highly-publicized feud “really boring,” and chalks the bulk of it down to the media pitting women against each other.

I don’t think she wants my crown,” she revealed. “We live in a world where people like to pit women against each other. And this is why I love the idea of embracing other females who are doing what I’m doing. It’s important for us to support each other.
The only time I ever criticized Lady Gaga was when I felt she blatantly ripped-off one of my songs,” she continued. “It’s got nothing to do with “she’s taking my crown” or “she’s in some space of mine.” She has her thing. I think she’s a very talented singer and songwriter. It was just that one issue. And everybody’s obviously ran with it and turned it into a huge feud, which I think is really boring, quite frankly.

The provocative 56-year-old also shut down critics who say that she’s too old to be doing the kind of sexy and outrageous stunts usually reserved for younger pop stars.

Women my age have accepted they’re not allowed to behave a certain way,” she said. “I never followed rules. I’m not going to start now.

She’s completely right, but that doesn’t mean that she needs to flash her thong on the red carpet. I’m sure there are many other ways for Madge to fight Father Time instead of baring her boobs and booty at every given opportunity.

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Madonna, Lady Gaga battle over Berlin gig headline slot?

Madonna and Lady Gaga are reportedly competing to win the prestigious headline slot at an upcoming concert in Berlin, Germany.

The concert is set to take place on November 9, and has been organised to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The concert’s organisers reportedly want both Madonna and Gaga to perform, but each singer is said to be refusing to serve as a “support act” for the other, meaning the organisers may be forced to choose between them.

“Madonna and Gaga are equally desperate for the honour of performing,” a so-called ‘insider’ apparently told the Daily Star. “They both like to think of themselves as very political, and will also have new albums to promote by then. It could reignite their long-running feud as the date draws nearer because neither are used to being told no.”

The ‘insider’ then apparently added: “However, it’s highly likely organisers would choose the Queen of Pop over Gaga, if push came to shove.”

The supposed “feud” between Madonna and Gaga dates back to 2012, when the Queen of Pop branded Gaga’s hit Born This Way “reductive”. Madonna later performed a mash-up of Express Yourself and Gaga’s Born This Way during her ‘MDNA World Tour’, highlighting the similarities between the songs.

Meanwhile, Madonna has recently hinted that she may be recording a duet with Miley Cyrus – click here for all the details.

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Madonna, Lady Gaga, Adele for 'G-A-Y The Album'

Madonna, Lady Gaga and Adele will all feature on new compilation G-A-Y The Album.

The collection will be released on October 7 through Sony Music to celebrate the famous club's 20th anniversary.

G-A-Y The Album will include remixes of popular hits that are exclusive and not available elsewhere digitally.

Madonna's 'Hung Up (SDP EXTENDED MIX)' will open disc one, which also features songs by Adele, Cheryl Cole, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj.

The Dirty Version of Icona Pop's recent global smash 'I Love It' heads up disc two, with further remixed versions of hits by Little Mix, Calvin Harris, JLS and Celine Dion.

Kylie Minogue, Cher, Spice Girls and M People are among the artists on disc three, which concludes with Dolly Parton's classic hit '9 To 5'.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, the Spice Girls and One Direction are just a handful of the artists who have performed at G-A-Y over the past 20 years.

"I can't believe that G-A-Y is 20 years old," said founder Jeremy Joseph. "It's been an incredible journey of highs and lows.

"I never had a vision for G-A-Y, just to create something I enjoyed and hoped others would as well.

"G-A-Y has always been about supporting artists at the beginning of their careers and supporting them as they grow, and in return as they get bigger, they continue to perform at G-A-Y."

The full tracklisting for G-A-Y The Album is as follows (*** denotes an exclusive song, otherwise unavailable digitally):

1. Madonna - 'Hung Up' SDP EXTENDED MIX***
2. Adele - 'Rolling In The Deep' (Villa Remix)
3. Katy Perry - 'Teenage Dream' (Manhattan Clique Edit)
4. Rihanna - 'Diamonds' (The Bimbo Jones Vocal Edit)
5. Lady Gaga - 'Poker Face' (Dave Audé Edit)
6. P!nk - 'So What' (Bimbo Jones Radio Mix)
7. Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Call Me Maybe' (Almighty Club Mix)
8. Jessie J - 'Domino' (Myon And Shane Remix)***
9. Cheryl - 'Call My Name' (Wideboys Remix Radio Edit)
10. The Pussycat Dolls - 'Don't Cha' (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
11. The Saturdays - 'All Fired Up' (The Alias Radio Edit)
12. Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland - 'SexyBack' (Linus Loves Remix)***
13. Olly Murs - 'Troublemaker' (Cutmore Radio Edit)
14. One Direction - 'What Makes You Beautiful'
15. Nicki Minaj - 'Starships'
16. Britney Spears - 'Toxic' (Armand Van Helden Remix - Edit)
17. Girls Aloud - 'Girls Aloud Megamix'

1. Icona Pop feat Charli XCX - 'I Love It - Dirty Version'
2. Little Mix - 'Wings' (The Alias Radio Edit)
3. Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch - 'Sweet Nothing' (Extended Mix)***
4. Rita Ora - 'How We Do (Party)' (Gustavo Scorpio Radio Mix - Dirty)***
5. Alexandra Burke - 'Bad Boys' (Moto Blanco Radio Mix)
6. Leona Lewis - 'Bleeding Love' (Moto Blanco Remix Radio Edit)***
7. McFly - 'Shine A Light'
8. JLS - 'The Club Is Alive' (Wideboys Stadium Mix)***
9. Kelly Clarkson - 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' (Project 46 Radio Edit)
10. Danni Minogue Vs. Flower Power - 'You Won't Forget About Me' (Vocal Radio Edit)***
11. Melanie C - 'I Turn To You' (Hex Hector Radio Mix)***
12. Sugababes - 'Push The Button' (DJ Prom International Edit)
13. Christina Aguilera - 'Beautiful' (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit)***
14. Jennifer Lopez - 'Waiting For Tonight' (Hex's Momentous Radio Mix)***
15. Celine Dion - 'My Heart Will Go On' (Tony Moran Mix)***
16. Loreen - 'Euphoria'
17. Iggy Azalea - 'Bounce' (Danny Howard Remix)
18. Sam And The Womp - 'Bom Bom' (Radio Edit)
19. Ke$ha - 'We R Who We R' (Fred Falke Radio Mix)***

1. Kylie Minogue - 'Better The Devil You Know' (The Mad March Hare Mix)
2. Cher - 'Believe' (Almighty Definitive Remix)
3. Spice Girls - 'Spice Up Your Life' (Morales Radio Mix)
4. Whigfield - 'Saturday Night' (Radio Mix)
5. Steps - 'Last Thing On My Mind' (Wip't Up In The Disco Mix)***
6. Gina G - 'Just A Little Bit' (Motiv8 Radio Edit)
7. M People - 'One Night In Heaven'
8. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 'Murder On The Dancefloor'
9. Kerry Ellis - 'Defying Gravity' (G-A-Y Remix)
10. Aqua - 'Turn Back Time' (Metro Scuba Club Mix)***
11. Alex Party - 'Don't Give Me Your Life'
12. Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse - 'Valerie'
13. Shakira - 'Whenever, Wherever'
14. Five - 'Keep on Movin''
15. Wham! - 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'
16. S Club 7 - 'S Club Party'
17. Take That Feat. Lulu - 'Relight My Fire'
18. Dolly Parton - '9 To 5'

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'Russische concerten Gaga en Madonna illegaal'

Madonna en Lady Gaga hebben illegale optredens gegeven in Rusland. Dat is het oordeel van het Russische openbaar ministerie, meldt de website van het Russisch Agentschap voor Juridische Informatie (RAPSI).

Beide zangeressen zouden de wet hebben overtreden door op te treden voor geld terwijl ze alleen een toeristenvisum hadden. Deze informatie wordt doorgestuurd naar de Foreign Ministry and the Federal Migration Service, waar wordt bepaald of verder actie wordt ondernomen.

De Russische politicus Vitaly Milonov had in april een onderzoek aangevraagd naar aanleiding van de 'illegale' concerten. Eerder werd al bekend dat Milonov een aanklacht had ingediend omdat Lady Gaga en Madonna zich in Rusland schuldig zouden hebben gemaakt aan het verspreiden van 'homopropaganda'.

Beide zangeressen riepen vorig jaar tijdens hun Russische concerten op tot de acceptatie van homoseksualiteit. In Sint-Petersburg, waar Lady Gaga en Madonna optraden, is het verboden om minderjarigen informatie over homoseksualiteit te geven.

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Madonna wil optreden met Lady Gaga

Eerder konden de diva's elkaar niet uitstaan, maar nu lijken de tijden gekeerd. Madonna wil graag binnenkort op het podium staan met Lady Gaga. Dat meldt Entertainmentwise.

Dat zei de 54-jarige zangeres tijdens een popconcert in Atlantic City. Ze heeft zelfs het nummer Masterpiece opgedragen aan Gaga. "Ik hou van haar. Ik hou echt van haar. Imitatie is de hoogste vorm van vleierij. Op een dag, binnenkort, staan we samen op het podium."

Vorig jaar sprak Madonna nog heel anders over de zangeres. The queen of pop noemde het nummer Born This Way 'een interessante cover' van haar hit Express Yourself.
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Madonna haalt uit naar Gaga

Madonna heeft bij de aftrap van haar MDNA-wereldtour in Israël uitgehaald naar Lady Gaga. De Queen of Pop zong tijdens haar concert in Tel Aviv een refrein van Gaga’s ’Born this way’ tijdens haar eigen nummer ’Express yourself’.

Madonna beschuldigde haar mogelijke troonopvolgster eerder van plagiaat over deze gelijkenis.

De 53-jarige zangeres snoerde tijdens de start van haar wereldtour ook vele critici de mond met een dusdanig visueel spektakel dat de show meer een belevenis was dan een concert aldus ooggetuigen. Madonna zou Madonna niet zijn als ze niet ook wat provocerende elementen zou hebben ingebouwd. Tijdens het nummer ’Gang Bang’ liep ze uitdagend met een kalasjikov over het podium, terwijl achter op de grote schermen het bloed in het rond vloog.

De muziek van haar in maart verschenen twaalfde studioalbum MDNA voerde de boventoon gisteravond in Tel Aviv. De beats daarvan zijn zo dominant dat het soms lijkt op een stampend dancefeest. Fans van haar oudere muziek die op 7 juli haar concert in de Amsterdamse Ziggo Dome bezoeken hoeven echter niet te treuren, ook ’Like a prayer’ komt gewoon voorbij in Madonna’s vanaf nu de wereld rond reizende show.
Madonna haalt uit naar Lady  Gaga
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